JD.com Taking Over Online Sales


JD.com, also known as Jingdong, was started by a man named Richard Liu. Jingdong is China’s largest retailer that is working hard to offer new products to their clients on a daily basis.

The sales transaction volume on Jingdong has really grown in the past few years. The products that JD.com are offering are continuing to be of higher quality. Now that more products are becoming available that are of higher quality more people are continuing to shop on a daily basis. See This Page for additional information.

Having new products is a new strategy that Jingdong is using. They are hoping that by launching new products they are going to bring more people in to shop at their platforms. They’re using online social media and other ways to promote these products. The transaction volume has at least doubled in some cities thanks to these new product promotions.

JD.com has high hopes that this new plan of marketing is going to take their business to new levels. They have recently launched new brands within their stores including Prada, Car Shoe, and more. JD.com has over a thousand brands that they plan to start promoting in the next little bit. They have already seen a great outreach since starting these promotions and they are hoping with more products becoming available that more and more people will continue to shop.

Jingdong is a huge online networking that has really taken off in the past few years. Richard Liu never guessed that when he started JD.com it would become so huge. He started in hopes of making a few extra dollars but in return he’s made millions. JD.com has a very bright future and they are going to continue to be successful for many more years to come. Richard Liu cannot wait to see how much more success JD.com is going to bring him.


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JD.com Amped Up Annivesary Event with Digital Store From Prada


JD.com has been part of the fashion scene for a while now. Just as many markets have used the e-commerce giants amazing logistics to enter into Chinese markets so has high-end fashion. In fact, Jingdong sports a special channel on its site dedicated to fashion designers from all over the world.

Each of them with their own little virtual store offering the latest and greatest from the fashion world to Chinese consumers. Naturally, fashion giant Prada would want a piece of the pie. After all, JD.com has a consumer base of over 300 million. In a recent partnership, the Italian fashion house opened its own virtual store on JD.com’s site. It was another event marking JD.com’s highly successful June anniversary sales festival.

JD.com pulled out all the stops for its festival and adding Prada was simply icing on top of the cake. Prada’s new digital store hosts it’s fall/winter collection. The partnership also brings two other brands into the fold as well. Both Miu Miu and Car Shoe, subsidiaries under Prada Group’s umbrella, opened fully authorized flagship stores as well. These stores joined the festivities with Prada on June 17.

The partnership is part of Prada’s desire to create an online presence. The company experienced great success last year and is attempting to build on that success in 2019. As JD is the best place to cue into Chinese markets Prada holds its partnership with the virtual retailer as very important. JD.com is excited about the partnership as well.

“Prada is a name synonymous with high-end fashion at a global level, and it our pleasure to bring them aboard our digital platform,” Kevin Jiang, President of JD’s International Business for Fashion and Lifestyle stated. “International brands understand JD’s power in expanding into China and we are pleased to help Prada connect to Chinese consumers.”

JD.com’s festival contained a lot of events. Not only did Prada open its stores but the virtual retailer expanded its memberships program internationally. JD Plus gained partnerships with 19 hotels to offer exclusive benefits abroad. Additionally, JD.com partnered with Wu Fang Zhai to sell 47 tons of Zongzi for the China’s Dragon Boat festival.

Furthermore, an article entitled “JD Launches New Green Initiatives in Partnership with WWF Earth Hour Movement”, discusses JD’s partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) this year in the ongoing support of the Earth Hour environmental movement, launching a range of initiatives that include country-wide recycling programs and sustainable green packaging.


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