American Academy of Arts Face the Subaru Challenge

Subaru and Beyond

Gary Chu, interior designer for Subaru, addressed the students of American Academy of Arts, told the students “A strong storyboard will springboard any design,” in encouraging the students to produce a strong storyboard for the Subaru car of 2030. Students of Academy of the Art University (AAU), San Francisco, recently came together to work on a challenge put to them by Subaru Corporation, which is to design the next Subaru. But this is not a normal design for Subaru, the students and staff at the Academy of the Art University are being asked to design the Subaru car of the future, which is 2030 to be exact. The enthusiastic students of AAU did just that. While some of the most gifted students brainstormed the idea, others sketched and made 2D and 3D models of the Subaru 2030 car of the future. It has become the love child of AAU students who threw their minds and hearts into the project.

Coming up with an Empathetic Design

The students were directed to come up with an “empathetic design” that both Subaru and its customers could identify with; in other, they had to put themselves into another shoe and ask the question how would another driver feel in this design. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge the AAU students had to also project themselves into the environment of 2030 and envision what it will be like a decade from now when the car would go live. Akino Tsuchiya, Professor in the Industrial Design department at AAU told the students on the Subaru project “developing a persona helps create an emphatic design.” The students during their training at AAU are taking the first steps into the professional world by working on such projects as the Subaru project. Eryn Powers, student at AAU said: “if you create someone and build a story, then the pieces come together.”

American Academy of the Arts

The American Academy of Art opened its doors in 1923 to become the premiere school for professionals in many fields of art. Since its opening some of the leading artist in multiple brances have taken their places as leading artist in their field.

The mission of AAU is to prepare students for a life of fruitful productivity in their choice field of art, whether it is acrylics, animation, modeling, film scoring, ballet, or break dancing.

AAU offers degrees, undergrad as well as graduate degrees in 3-D modelint, Graphic Design, Painting and Photography, as well as illustration, Mutimedia design and Art Direction.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Showcases How He and Andrew Taggart Have Made Successful Music Last Them

There are not many people or musicians who can say that they have been able to maintain high stakes in the charts without losing momentum along the way at some point. Sure, there are a few names that people can think of but one name that rings true today is, The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers did not grow up like most other bands where they met as school age children, became best friends only to form a band and make it big. Instead, they met as adults while in college through a mutual friend and hit it off. They shared a passion and that passion led them to becoming a top selling group of today.

Alex Pall spent much of his adulthood growing up in New York City working as a DJ. He worked throughout the city and found that he was quite popular and wanted to do more with what he was doing. He wanted to pursue a higher passion than just spinning music in city clubs. He wanted to eventually turn his love of music into something much more which is what he did when he and bandmate created the Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were introduced to one another when someone recommended that Andrew check out the original members of the Chainsmokers. The one member who decided to leave the band had left an opening for a new member. That is when someone that Andrew knew had suggested that he check it out. Andrew and Alex took to each other pretty quickly and that is when Andrew quit school and ended up moving to New York City to join the group.

After the pair met, they had long talks about the things they loved most growing up and how the music they loved shaped what they wanted to do. After finding that they had much in common with one another, Andrew and Alex went forward on forming the new and improved version of the Chainsmokers. Here they are years later, still making music with one another and still maintaining their spots at the top of the charts.