Academy of Art University Steps in After Cuts to Art Budgets

The Academy of Art University is an art school in San Francisco. Once known as the Academy of Arts College, it is a for-profit private school. The school practices open admissions, an admissions practice in which the only requirement is a completion of a high school diploma or GED equivalent. As such, the school has an acceptance rate of 100%.

Originating as a school to learn the art of advertising, the Academy of Art University now offers a variety of courses, both online and on-campus, taught by 283 teachers and a considerable part-time staff.

To be more specific, at the Academy of Art University, students can pursue Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and Associate’s degrees in a variety of subjects. With that being said, let’s move on to what the Academy of Art University is currently doing to help art students to achieve their dreams.

The US Department of Education has made many cuts to funding for arts and art institutions; a total of 22 college campuses have been impacted by this. This has left many art students without prospects. As such, the Academy of Arts University has made changes to its transfer policies, enabling students who have 75% or more of their degree at a now closed art school to transfer into the Academy of Arts University into their respective program, in order to complete their education.

The University is sympathetic of the difficulty of such a huge change and is doing what it can to ease the transitional process. As such, the Academy of Arts University is offering scholarships and financial aid to students in need. The school is doing its best to open its vibrant campus to all incoming students. All students are encouraged to reap the benefits of the brand new, state-of-the-art facilities and wide variety of courses offered.

Academy students, new and old, are provided with the necessary tools to begin lucrative careers in their desired fields.

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