ClassDojo Tackles Many Of The Issues That Educators And Parents Face:

There is a reason that so many teachers have adopted the educational app known as ClassDojo since it was released in 2011. ClassDojo provides many benefits that can be incorporated into the educational process. One of the most critical and useful benefits provided by the ClassDojo app is the fact that communication between parents and teachers has never been easier or more convenient. In today’s age, it can be difficult for parents with busy schedules to keep up on what is going on with their child at school but ClassDojo is changing this with a unique app that has a convenient messenger feature. With this feature, it is easier than ever for parent/teacher communication to be ongoing regularly.

When ClassDojo is utilized, it helps students to learn and it helps them to grow in other ways as well. Social growth is one of these factors. Parents and teachers have an improved line of communication that keeps everyone on the same page and make learning a better experience for everyone involved. Skills such as empathy are also translated well through the use of the innovative ClassDojo app. With this in mind, it is not at all a surprise that ClassDojo continues to grow in popularity all the time.

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unroll me

Use Unroll Me To Take Back Your Inbox

How many times have you opened your inbox and had to scroll through several emails before getting to the ones that you wanted to read? Gray mail, the mail that we sometimes want to read or need but not all the time, takes up a lot of space in our inboxes. What if there was a way to take that gray mail and compact it into one easy to read email? Well, that is where Unroll Me comes into play. 

Unroll Me is a free service that consolidates your subscription and newsletter emails into a single digest email. This email is sent to you and you get to decide when and which emails that you want to read. The service also allows you to choose which emails you no longer wish to receive. This will remove the clutter and make it easier to find important emails

Using Unroll Me is simple. Visit their site and you will be prompted to enter your email address. The address will be authenticated and that is about all it takes. Unroll Me supports most email accounts, including AOL, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, iCloud Mail, Windows Live, and Outlook. However, it does not support all of your accounts across the board. You will need to register each email account. 

Once your email address is set up, Unroll Me will identify your subscription emails. After Unroll Me goes through your emails, you will have three options when it comes to your subscriptions. You will be able to unsubscribe, keep them in your inbox, or allow Unroll Me to take the emails and roll them up and place them in their own folder called Unroll Me. This means they will no longer appear in your inbox. 

You get to decide how often you want to receive your digest. Whether you want it daily in the early morning, or want it once a month at midnight the choice is yours. Unroll Me keeps all emails. However, they will be organized, and your inbox will be clutter-free.