Betterworks Has Just Launched An Exciting New Product

Betterworks is the firm that stakes its claim on its innovative software that provides a solution in the area of Continuous Performance Management. The firm was launched in 2013 and the Redwood City, California-based operation has grown substantially since that time. This is due to the real benefits that Betterworks provides to today’s business sector through the use of its innovative software solutions.

With Betterworks, businesses gain tools and data points that help them to be more organized and efficient in everything they do. Working with software solutions through Betterworks is an outstanding way for a business to consistently meet goals that are set and get all employees onto the same page.

Small and medium-sized businesses just received some great news from Betterworks. This is concerning the firm launching its new Team Edition. The Betterworks Team Edition is a new product offering that will allow businesses in these size ranges to utilize performance management tools that will greatly enhance their abilities to run a successful operation and meet the goals that they set as an organization.

This new Betterworks Team Edition is the ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for an excellent way to team build and help their employees to understand company goals on a more concise level.

This new offering from the Betterworks team is the perfect performance management solution that businesses can use to create a workforce that is more engaged and motivated. Bringing these types of solutions to today’s business community has helped to make Betterworks the leader in performance management solutions.

Talkspace App Is The Bridge To 24/7 Therapy

It is not hard to comprehend that we live in a world where we can go online and order anything and it can be delivered to our doorsteps. In this same world days can be burden with stress and nights can be darkened with depression leaving some people without access to professional help. The Talkspace App solves the problem of access because it allows the user to contact a therapist with just a simple push of a button on your smartphone or laptop. Therapist are available 24/7 via Talkspace.

The app is set up with some features that make the clients’ experiences enriching and easy to manage. The first feature is that you can text or write your therapist at any time and expect a response from them within a day. This feature is a game changer because clients don’t have to wait for their next session to address an issue that may arise in the interim.

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Another feature of the app allows you to talk to your therapist without having to meet with them in their office. This is extremely helpful for a client currently in therapy who is progressing to talk about deep issues but is nervous or scared to participate in a session face to face. Many clients appreciate that capability of texting their therapist to work through heavy issues.

The next important feature of the app is that it is cost effective. Talkspace App is cheaper to use than paying a co-payment to meet face to face with a therapist in most cases. The last feature I want to mention is that each client is given one therapist which helps with consistency in addressing their issues. Talkspace App reassures many people that can make in a world that is laden with stressors and burdens that can potentially drown the human soul.


An Overview of the Betterworks Mobile Application Platform


Betterworks is a firm that focuses on offering Continuous Performance Management solutions. They make sure that a company has a centralized dashboard whereby the team members, employees, and departments can easily collaborate creatively. They can also work towards achieving goals that are quantifiable and measurable. The set goals are also meant to make sure that the workforce is inspired and motivated. Betterworks makes sure that the performance of a corporation can improve.

They usually utilize well-known business methodologies, and some of them include Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T). The firm has also been utilizing other methodologies, such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Betterworks has also been using some insights derived from Goal Science. They also ensure that they have implemented a broad platform with suitable forms of software that may allow the sharing of data from one application to another.


The allocation of goals and monitoring of the goal progress can be accessed through the cloud-based interface. All these processes can also be managed through the cloud-based interface. It is also possible to visualize the performance using graphical tools such as charts and bars. A company can also set different milestones while also tracking achievements. Feedback comments can also be issued while also attaching scores.

Betterworks has also made it possible to empower the staff within an organization, and that helps to boost their morale. The company has also gone ahead to form a mobile application that is compatible with the iOS platform. The mobile platform provides accessibility, and it is also possible to receive real-time notifications.

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