Isabel dos Santos contribution towards developing Africa

Isabel dos Santos is corresponding towards the national oil firm in Angola. She has turned to social media platforms where she is replying to the updates of the firm. According to her, she suggested that there has been some modification to the vision of the firm. She outlined that her focus was on the venture and not the politics that she is blamed for.

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman who is popularly known for her success in Africa. She has gained skills and experiences in economic growth and execution of modern technologies. Through her contribution in this sector, she has created job opportunities for thousands of individuals in the nation. This motive has elevated the economy of the country and given the youth the chance to fulfill their potential.

Besides being in the communication sector, Isabel dos Santos has served in several industries. They include energy, construction, and media production among many more. Over the past two decades, she has managed financial and retail institutions. It is through these experiences that she has gained more understanding of how the global economy operates. She has utilized these methods to raise the economy of developing countries. See more on Wikipedia.

Isabel dos Santos is popularly recognized for her hard work in the development sector. She has provided financial support and her own time to the programs. The core issue in these projects is the upgrade of ventures. It is through businesses that people grow and succeed in their lives. She urges people to venture into income- generating platforms to prosper. To motivate people, she produced videos which showed individuals working hard. She holds and serves a prominent position in the telecommunication firm, Unitel. Also, she studied electrical engineering at King’s College. She has had a privilege to participate in different forums due to her efforts in development. In one of the events, she supported the significance of developing Africa towards digital development. She highlighted that the continent is growing hence needed support so as it can reach the others. It is through proper guidance and investment that the strategy will work out.

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