American Addiction Centers Discusses Drugs and Alcohol on College Campuses

Teens and young adults tend to drink alcohol before they go to college. This behavior might take place at home or it might take place with their peers. Some young people drink alcohol by themselves.

This is also true for drug usage. Young people often drink and use drugs as a normal part of their experience. The American Addiction Centers wants parents to know that drugs and alcohol are waiting for your kids once they arrive on campus.

Colleges and universities are in a real struggle against the scourge of alcohol and drug use on campus. They are more than aware that it exists. Higher education institutions do not hide this fact. Instead, they try to find ways to reduce the use of intoxicating substances. However, they are fighting what seems like a losing battle.

The American Addiction Centers states that college campuses create different types of programs to deal with drinking and drug use. Many major universities around the country have created programs that deal with binge drinking.

This behavior has escalated over the years and it is a serious problem. Hundreds of students have died over the years from alcohol positioning. This is one reason why binge drinking is being addressed with great concern.

College campus officials also understand that most college kids are adults. They know that they have a legal right to drink if they choose this behavior. Still, they encourage students to be responsible with their drinking habits.

A lot of college students might be legally able to drink, but that does not mean they have the experience to control themselves in this area. The same can also be said about using drugs.

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College students often take drugs when they want to cram for an exam or when they want to unwind from a hard day of studies.

Drugs help them to relax and to stay focused on their education. It is also used to help students to socialize. Many college kids like to party and partying often has a wild time for college campus kids.

American Centers informs parents of this situation because they deal with it first-hand. There are quite a few drug and alcohol addicted patients who developed their dependency while at college.

Many of them started off taking a simple drink or just using a drug to help them through a rough spot. However, their simple use of drug and alcohol turned into a full blow addiction. They are now addicted and suffering from the bad habits they developed during that era of life.

The American Addiction Centers wants to let parents know the following facts. They state that not all college kids who drink and do drugs are going to become addicts.

Most will simply stop the behavior once they leave school. Others will continue to engage but it will not impact their life to the point where they cannot function. However, there will be a group of former college students who will become life-long addicts because of their substance abuse in college.

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Parents, you are going to have to do anything you can to keep your child from becoming an alcohol or drug addict.

While the odds are they will not get hooked on drugs and alcohol, the possibility is there. Don’t allow your child to become a statistic. Do what you can to keep these substances from ruining their lives.

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