Accomplishments of Stratford Shields in the Finance and Banking Industry

Stratford Shields has over 20 years of experience working in the investment banking and municipal finance industries in the State of Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University and Columbia University and holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in political science. Early in his career, he led the mission for creating a voluntary ban involving securities firms which prohibited financial contributions for bond ballot elections. Shields worked for various companies and entities including Ohio Office of Management and Budget, the State Controlling Board, and Morgan Stanley.

What drove Stratford Shields to become an entrepreneur is his accomplishments while working for government agencies and organizations including the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association. He is serving as the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets in the Public Finance Investment Banking Division, a firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. Prior to Loop Capital, Stratford held many executive positions as Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Chairman, Deputy Director, and President. His greatest accomplishment which inspired him to start his own business was at Morgan Stanley where he served as the Head of Public Finance.

While Stratford Shields is at Morgan Stanley, he received hands-on experience working beside the chief financial officer of Ohio State University. With the help of the CFO, he accomplished raising over $480 million for the university’s operations and its endowment. LAZ/QIC gave the school the payment upfront in 2012. It went towards advancement of the institution, research, and scholarships for the students.

Throughout the career of Stratford Shields, he led over $30 billion in transactions for cities, universities, states, governmental agencies, and water & sewer businesses. When he worked on the transaction with Ohio State University, he received recognition for his contribution as the “Deal of the Year”. This deal is the inspiration behind Shields serving as Managing Director of Loop Capital Markets and his entrepreneurship endeavor.