Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger

If you know much about the oil and gas industry, you’ve probably heard the name, Matt Fleeger. Fleeger is an executive at like Gulf Coast Western, LLC and other endeavors that are changing the way the industry works for the better. Fleeger got an education in finance and marketing at Southern Methodist University. After graduation, he dove straight into business pursuits that would make him as well known as he is influential.

He moved from one job to another for a few years, before finding an environment where he could put the whole of his talents to work. He quickly obtained his leadership role at Gulf Coast Western, LLC and began developing his own companies, such as MedSolutions, an organization that deals with the disposal and management of medical waste.

Soon Fleeger was approached by another major company that offered to buy MedSolutions for $59 million. Fleeger’s proven ability in leadership and negotiations soon earned him the title of President at Gulf Coast Western, LLC. When asked where he gets his inspiration from Fleeger explains that his father was a great source of inspiration.

Matt FleegerHe values spending time with his children. When asked, he talks about the importance of the vast resource of ingenuity that exists within the American mindset, and the technological possibilities that are poised to drive huge changes in the oil and gas industry in the coming years. He talks about the importance of organizing one’s time with lists of tasks and the need to find the right balance between work and personal life as early as possible.

When asked what his one secret to success might be if there were only one, Fleeger says, “I visualize a positive outcome first, then create a path to obtaining it.”

Indie Game Promoter Alexis Kennedy Talks All Things Weather Factory

Alexis Kennedy is a video game developer who is one of the co-founders of Weather Factory, a company headquartered in London that is noted for its unique, story-based games. Its primary title is “Cultist Simulator,” and Kennedy was involved in nearly all aspects of its development.

Before founding Weather Factory, Alexis Kennedy worked for a decade in the indie video game world for Failbetter Games, which developed a cult following and earned rave reviews for it products. He left the world of software consultancy for the gaming industry, and this was an enormous financial risk for him at the time. It has paid off, however, as Weather Factory thrives.

Thoughts on video game development

When it comes to the defining success, Alexis Kennedy says he’s all about having fun first and making a profit second. In the video gaming world, the two goals aren’t mutually exclusive because a game has to be fun in order to be profitable.

Alexis Kennedy notes that the games he develops are aimed at niche markets; he’s not trying to create the next “Call Of Duty” game series. Having said that, he believes that niche games can be quite profitable if they are properly developed and adequately marketed.

Controversially, Weather Factory released “Cultist Factory” without a tutorial, which means that players have to learn to play it the hard way. So far, this strategy has worked well because many players enjoy the challenge. Alexis Kennedy compares “Cultist Factory” to a jigsaw puzzle where players have many pieces and then have to figure out how to put them together. The game is available for mobile platforms, and Alexis Kennedy thinks this market is very viable because the big video game manufacturers are not covering all of it. It is also available for PC platforms.

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus has become a very successful international marketing consultant who spends the majority of the time being able to help out with many start up companies and businesses reach success over time.

Since a young age, Luke Lazarus knew exactly what he wanted in life and what he wanted to accomplish as well. He received his MBA from the Melbourne business school that he attended.

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During his time at the school, he was able to gain a lot of knowledge that he now Lazarus Lazarus has become a very successful international marketing consultant who spends the majority of his time being able to help go to many start up companies and businesses reach success overtime.

Since a young age, Lazarus knew exactly what he wanted in life and what he wanted to accomplish as well.

He received his MBA from the Melbourne business school that he attended. During his time at school, he was able to gain a lot of knowledge that he now Are use this to help out start up companies.

He has always been a very firm about lever that people learn best by being hands-on and buy actually jumping in to whatever they would like to pursue in life.

After Luke Lazarus graduated from college, he decided to spend a lot of his time being able to create or different companies that he invested his time and his money on.

He created for different companies with a goal to be able to sell them later on for a good amount of money. At the age of 35 years old, Luke Lazarus was able to sell all of those for different companies and become completely financially stable.

This goes to show that he has always been very good at managing and administrating his money efficiently. Today, he uses this same mentality and the same skills to be able to help out new CEOs, and a new start up businesses who do not yet have the necessary knowledge, experience or exposure in the business and marketing field.

Throughout his career, Lupe Lazarus has had the opportunity to help out many start up businesses reach tremendous success over time. He has invested a lot of time, money and effort in making sure that all of his companies and his clients are able to become just as successful as he has been.

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There are many people all over the business and marketing industry that look up to him because of all of the hard work and success that he has been able to accomplish over the course of the years.

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Oren Frank – Creative Ideas for a Transformative Life

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of the revolutionary mobile application and online platform Talkspace. People in need of affordable and available mental health counseling and wellness can simply use the mobile app or access the website to get help from licensed therapists any time day or night.

Oren co-founded the company in 2012 with his wife after experiencing how the benefits of couples therapy saved their marriage. They received psychotherapy when they needed it most and the results were so meaningful, it transformed their lives.

The company started as a platform for group therapy and gradually evolved into an online psychotherapy platform managed by licensed therapists. In a world where quality mental health counseling is needed as people struggle in their daily lives, Talkspace fills a genuine need for healing. The company is on a mission to provide accessible and affordable therapy to all who feel they need it. The company recently developed the concept of unlimited messaging therapy, a relatively new concept that fills the need for affordable outpatient mental health treatment.

Oren Frank and his wife are originally from Israel, and before co-founding Talkspace, he worked in marketing for several subsidiaries of McCann Worldgroup, a worldwide marketing service corporation. Oren has prior CEO experience as head of Worldgroup Israel and was chairman for McCann Digital located in Tel Aviv. He often jokes that Talkspace is his way of making up for his years in the advertising business.

Oren Frank is something of a creative genius. He is an innovative thinker and notable writer with many articles on the popular Huffington Post. Of interest are his progressive ideas on social media labeling them as addictive as cigarettes and just as damaging to mental health. He is a modern-day thinker with visions of the future, and a respected author with articles in The Marker, The New Yorker, and the online site Ad Age. He currently lives in New York with his family. Read More:

Prevagen Highlights A Variety Of Exercises That May Help Brain Health

Over the past few years, Prevagen has become an increasingly well-known brand in the dietary supplement niche, with the majority of this being driven by its product of the same name.

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During this time, its products have helped quite a large number of people support their brain function, with much of this being seen in cognitive abilities. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the firm’s supplements have been seen as a promising way to help with mild memory loss.

Since being released in 2007, Prevagen has been used by over one million people, with the company releasing its products in over 50,000 stores around the United States.

Throughout this time, the firm has noted that there are quite a large number of ways that people can improve their brain health, with many of these being quite easy to implement into a person’s life.

Perhaps the most notable of these is exercise, which is something that the company advises that people get a large amount of.

The primary reason for this is that regular and effective workouts can help protect the brain from a variety of age-related conditions, with the majority of these focusing on cognitive abilities.

Much of this is seen through the hippocampus, which is the primary area of the brain that’s responsible for memory and learning.

According to a variety of studies, the hippocampus responds positively to aerobic exercise, and can often grow as a result of regular workouts.

Alongside this, improving cardiovascular fitness can also play an essential role in this. As a result, Prevagen has advised that people place a significant amount of emphasis on ensuring that they exercise regularly.

By doing so, the company claims that there will be quite a significant impact on memory development and retention, which has been backed up by a variety of studies focused on the issue.

There are a variety of other positive effects to regular exercise that the firm has pointed to, and which have been examined by a large number of researchers.

One of the most notable of these is that it can help slow down cognitive decline, with this requiring a minimal amount of effort. According to a variety of studies, 45 minutes of brisk walking done three times per week could have quite a significant impact on slowing down, and possibly preventing, much of this decline. These results have reportedly been enhanced when walking is coupled with a variety of other workouts.

Alongside this, Prevagen has advised that people exercise the brain itself, which is something that can be done in a variety of ways.

One of the most notable, and perhaps enjoyable is to engage in a variety of brain games. These can be activities such as puzzles and a variety of other problem-solving exercises.

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There are a variety of ways that these can have an impact on brain health, especially when people mix a variety of games with different focuses. As Prevagen has suggested, the likes of reasoning and logic games can have quite an impact, as can a variety of memory-based puzzles.

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Sheldon Lavin Lays Bare His Plans to Make ISO Group Sustainable

The increasing environmental awareness has motivated companies all over the world to make efforts towards becoming sustainable. ISO Group, a premier food processing company led by its CEO, Sheldon Lavin, is pushing the food industry towards sustainability. Recently, this CEO came out to lay bare his plans to make this primer food processor sustainable.

Putting More Money towards Research

The ISO Group CEO started by mentioning that, as a result of the food market being so fragile, a lot of caution is needed by companies in the sector that are trying to be sustainable. He pointed out that when it comes to food, consumers are much less forgiving if anything goes wrong. This means that companies need to be sure that what they are planning to implement actually works before they do it.

Sheldon Lavin mentioned that it was for this reason that the company was putting more money towards research. He went on to state that proper research is at the core of any successful revolution. As businesses in the food sectors work on moving towards sustainability, a lot more research is needed to make it successful.

Taking Risks with Innovations

During this announcement, this ISO Group CEO mentioned that the company had invested in a Culinary Innovation Center in the United States and also in China alongside a Chicago R&D Center. According to Sheldon Lavin, these innovation and research centers will allow the company to take more risks as it moves towards sustainability. With these facilities, this premier food processor can come up with innovations that can steer the whole industry towards sustainability.

About Sheldon

This CEO has been with ISO Group as its head since the 70s and has led this company to become a global leader in the food sector. Sheldon Lavin has always guided this company on a path to setting the trend for the rest of the industry. With the advent of automation, the CEO led this company to take the risk. This risk paid off as it helped the company become more efficient and grow to the global player it is now. According to Sheldon, sustainability is the next phase of the company’s growth. Visit: to know more.

Award Winning Engineering Entrepreneur Niranjan Shah

Niranjan Shah is an entrepreneur with several decades of experience in the engineering world, with the majority of this time being spent with Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, a company he helped to found. Based in Chicago, the firm offers a variety of architecture, construction management, engineering, and consultancy services to a wide range of clients from around the United States.

Born in India, Niranjan Shah first attended Sardel Patel University, which he graduated from with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Following this, the entrepreneur moved to the United States, where he believed that he would be able to achieve much more success. After emigrating, he began studying at the University of Mississippi, which he graduated from with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

After graduating, he moved to Chicago and founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974. At the time, Shah was the only full-time employee at the firm, although it would soon begin seeing a significant amount of success. As a result of this, Globetrotters would eventually grow to employ over 200 employees and have operations across the country.

During this time, Shah would continue furthering his education and began attending Harvard Business School to supplement his engineering qualifications with management training. By doing so, he was able to ensure that he could more effectively manage the business as it grew. Throughout this time, he also became a certified and licensed engineer in several states, including Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

In the years since founding Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, Shah would lead the firm to be involved in a variety of large projects. Some of the most notable of these have included Chicago’s Deep Tunnel Project, as well as Midway International Airport’s Redevelopment. Alongside this, the company has been involved in quite a large number of international projects, with many of these focusing on United States embassies around the world.

Throughout this time, Niranjan Shah would lead the firm to receive a variety of awards and accolades, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 1986. Alongside this, Shah has led the company to be involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts.

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Smita Shah

Throughout mankind’s history, there have been a lot of incredible women who have played a huge role in shaping the world as we know it today. Unfortunately, most of their work went underappreciated and often unrecognized simply because of who they were. Luckily, times have changed since then, and in today’s world, women are not only recognized but also rewarded for the amazing work they have done. Smita Shah, president, and CEO of SPAAN Tech Inc. is also a woman who deserves acclaim for the remarkable work she has done in the field of engineering.


Ms. Shah received a degree in extensive engineering from Northwestern University, MIT, and business education from Oxford University. After receiving both degrees, she founded SPAAN Tech Inc. in 1998. SPAAN Tech Inc. is an engineering company that focuses on solving engineering riddles. In other words, it provides solutions to technical projects that can be quite difficult to solve. Ms. Shah was a guest at the Steve Cochran Show, where she had a lot to discuss.


Starting from her childhood, Ms. Shah said that she was always interested in Math and Science. Considering most of the children try to stay away from these subjects, this made her quite different from the rest of the children. But that didn’t bother her as she already knew what it was like to be different since she was a person of color. Ms. Shah further discussed that she didn’t have something big in mind when she started the company. Her focus was on one thing only: to form an organization where intellectual and brilliant people could work with each other on different projects. With the help of those people, she wanted to help people and make a difference in the world.


Ms. Shah talked about how, during the early days, whenever she used to walk in a room full of people, everyone thought that she was an employee of the company or someone from the marketing department. She revealed that she goes through the same situation even today. Ms. Shah was all praise for the STEM program. She also emphasized on the fact that America needs more minorities in the field of Math and Science as they happen to be quite good at it. Talking about Indian people, Ms. Shah said that they have slowly started breaking stereotypes. In the early days, a person belonging to India would only belong to one of the two professions: doctor or engineer. But now they have started doing more by working in legal works and public service. Learn more:


Ms. Shah further went on to talk about her personal life. She said that she got married while she was managing her company. She has two children now, a boy and a girl. She said that people could easily manage their personal and professional lives. Ms. Shah concluded the show by saying that women should support other women. In her company, there is no such thing as women being harder on women. The only way for women to move forward is by helping others rise.

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