Why Smita Shah Is a Trailblazer

Business and community leader Smita Shah has always been a trailblazer. Ms.Shah’s illustrious career has spanned the technology, engineering, construction and political sectors. For instance, according to Crain’s Chicago Business Ms. Shah became the youngest person to serve as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1996. Not long after leaving graduate school Ms. Shah decided to become an entrepreneur. When most young professionals complete their graduate studies they search for the certainty of a full-time job at a company that is run by someone else. However sometime after completing her graduate studies Ms. Shah decided to strike out on her own and start her own business. 


Ms. Shah attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts where she graduated with a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Sometime after completing her master’s degree Ms. Shah decided that she would launch her own engineering and construction company in the late 90s. Today the company that she started is known as SPAAN Tech, Inc. and boasts dozens of employees and millions of dollars in revenue. Not only is Ms. Shah a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she has also attended the University of Oxford’s Said Business School as well as Northwestern University. These educational experiences no doubt prepared Ms. Shah to run a successful company and be an engaged member of Chicago’s civic and business communities. 


The milestones that Ms. Shah has reached as an engineering professional and executive in the construction industry illustrate her expansive business acumen. While Ms. Shah’s professional background shows her deep interest in mathematics and design her interests outside of the boardroom paint a picture of an ambitious person who is invested in making Chicago be the best city that it can be. Learn more: https://cee.mit.edu/tag/smita-shah/


In the midst of her busy schedule running a construction and engineering firm Ms. Shah somehow always finds the time to give back to the various communities that she is part of. Ms. Shah lends her expertise to a local professional association that is known as the American Society of Civil Engineers. Ms. Shah helps to promote the American Society of Civil Engineers’ mission by playing a role in planning programs for the organization. Ms. Shah has also spent nearly two decades as part of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee. She is currently the chairwoman of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi committee and in her capacity as Chairwoman has overseen the organization of the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. 


The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon is an event that is organized to commemorate the world-changing work that Mahatma Gandhi did during his life as an activist committed to non-violence. The year 2019 marked the fifth time that the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon was held and the first time that the legendary activist Mahatma Gandhi had been granted his own holiday by the city of Chicago. During the event Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a proclamation that established the date of October 2nd as Mahatma Gandhi Day. Arguably the establishment of a day to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s life and legacy serves to both recognize Gandhi and the important contributions that people of Indian descent have made to the city of Chicago.

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The Successful Contributions Of Iskandar Safa & Privinvest


Iskandar Safa and his company Privinvest have made a name for itself in one of the most unique industries in the world. Situated in the shipbuilding industry, Privinvest grew from becoming a simple shipbuilding and housing company to one of the leaders in commercial and superyacht design and engineering.

As for Iskandar Safa’s specific role at the company, his leadership and guidance have come as the CEO and founder of the company. This allows him to give his input into all areas of the company from design to project planning as well. However, he doesn’t just take advantage of his power to control the company in one direction. It’s worth noting that he is highly qualified to give input as he has earned an MBA in engineering from the renowned INSEAD in France.

Having built up over three decades of experience in the industry, it’s easy to see why Iskandar Safa and Privinvest are currently thriving in their industry. With plans to continue to expand their territory, it will be interesting to see what areas that branch out to next. To get a better understanding as to how they managed to get to the position they’re in now, let’s take a closer look at the successful contributions to the success of its Nobiskrug Shipyard. Visit This Page to learn more.

Contributing To The Success Of The Nobiskrug Shipyard

In an article on Iskandar Safa and the Nobiskrug shipyard, what’s clear is that the shipyard hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves despite its many successes. Surprisingly, that is done on purpose by Iskandar Safa himself. Just like Iskandar, the shipyard is not looking for attention that may take away from producing. Instead, it is focused on providing quality with every process.

Above everything else, what’s also clear is how much the Nobiskrug shipyard has modeled after Safa’s success. Needless to say, this model for success should allow them to sustain it for many years to come. Read This Article for additional information.


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Highland Capital Management and Help With Equity Funds


Highland Capital Management hails from Dallas or “The Big D” in Texas. This is a firm that has a reputation for five-star professional assistance with alternative investment managing matters. The professionals who work for Highland Capital Management oversee public equities, mutual funds, structured investment vehicles and, lastly, hedge funds.

Mark Okada and James Dondero are the two businesspersons who keep things in check for Highland Capital. They’re the company’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and President respectively. Trey Parker is yet another credible player on the Highland Capital Management team.

The firm started its trajectory in 1993. Okada and Dondero were the driven individuals who were behind its momentous launch. It presently employs 115 workers. It’s a Dallas business that has offices in metropolises around the planet such as Seoul, South Korea and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Go To This Page for related information.

How exactly did this big firm start out years and years ago? It was in charge of putting together the software that was supposed to stay on top of portfolios for loans. This software is a big thing among an abundance of professionals who have loan management jobs. JPMorgan Chase is a huge American company that purchased this imaginative software back in 2003.

Highland Capital Management made the choice to go into the vast mutual fund sector in the spring of 2004. That’s exactly when the company got its hands on a mutual fund division that was set up by the Columbia Management Advisors crew. They secured NexBank in that same exact year. In the spring of 2005, it landed something that was called ING Capital Management. This purchase signified Highland Capital Management’s debut European efforts.

Highland Capital is an acclaimed firm, which has many devoted professionals on its team right now. These staff members put a lot of thought into all types of equity funds.


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How GPB Global Resources Will Overcome Africa’s Peculiar Extractive Trends

It makes sense to most who are familiar with the sphere of oil extraction, as well as exploration, that attempting to run such operations in Africa would present challenges to a European entity. This is precisely the case for GPB Global Resources, which was founding in the famous Moscow, Russia, although it is now being run from further to the west because of its modern Dutch headquarters. Boris Ivanov’s restructuring efforts saw the firm shift its emphasis in 2011, and the well-informed Managing Director is proving himself as more than just a one dimensional founder. As far as exploring oil goes, the now Netherlands based firm takes on the African resource industry with a strong sense of professional optimism.

Some of the obvious challenges that Ivanov, as well as the determined GPB Global Resources, will need to clear are things like undesirable infrastructure conditions and the confusing regulatory statuses of resource extraction that are present in some of these areas. Due to the remote nature of GPB’s intended oil extracting hotspots, they will have to funnel finances into the creation of more proper types of infrastructures; this will protect both GPB workers are the African locals around such resource locations. Concerning legislation, working in more standardized extraction markets like Namibia is a smart option, although navigation resource sharing common laws successfully elsewhere could prove, within GPB Global Resources, to be outstandingly lucrative.

Finally, there is the issue of this continent’s contentious nature. Local conflicts, both minor and sever, are clearly abound. With Boris Ivanov’s uniquely useful diplomacy background at the ready, GPB Global Resources has a stark advantage over competing oil pursuers from Europe. Facing this diplomatic climate with GPB’s firm insistence on a timely and open intelligence exchange with the partnering governments where it will be extracting these resources is optimal. As a side note, Ivanov is not blind to the renewable energy movement’s disruptive nature on traditional sector. He stresses that GPB should invest in safer practices for things like inspections, surveying methods and extraction itself, alongside the increasingly important task of geological modeling in the long-term.

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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, An Accomplished And Global Entrepreneur

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an accomplished and widely recognized entrepreneur hailing from Venezuela. He has vast experience in the sector of energy and EPC having studied it Suffolk University found in Massachusetts.

He has been serving at a managerial position in the various company since he started his career. He started working at the BGB energy as well as Commodities Traders Guruceaga Group, which is a subsidiary company of the Kawasaki heavy industry located in Venezuela. He later worked at the ICC-OEOC, accompany which specializes in the provision of the technical solution to an oil industry based in the United Kingdom.

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the founder of the O’ Hara Administration, a company that deals in the management of assets and has an active role in vehicle investment. Also, he has played a significant ant role in two companies, namely Hawkers and Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez considers O’Hara Administration to be an achievement of the skills that were gained while working at the Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. While working at the company, he oversaw the expansion and growth of the company into other countries, consequently making it one of the major companies in Latin America. He late became the director of Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation and acquired 20% of the stock in Latin America.

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez suggests that there is a need to strengthen business and business infrastructures in developing countries. He has had a hand in the development of banking services in Africa. He is a major shareholder in Banque du Dakar, a bank situated in Senegal mainly serving French-speaking citizens found in Africa. His penchant towards partnership saw the injection of 50 million euros along with other investors from Spain to a sunglass startup-hawkers in 2016. He became the president to the same company to make the company acquire international reach in the same year.

Why Sheldon Lavin Will be Remembered at OSI Group

Leaders are made according to Sheldon Lavin. He has worked for it for more than three decades. This can be approved by stakeholders of OSI Group. He is the chief executive officer of OSI Group which is the leading food producer in the world. The company has more than 70 facilities across 16 countries. They are still on their way to various countries in search of better opportunities and identification of markets for their products. Read more news at osigroup.com.

OSI Group started way back in 1900 and the century they have been in business has made them so successful. It was initially owned by Otto who was a German immigrant. It was a small shop that was operating in Illinois, Chicago. He used to supply the area neighborhoods with meat. The company growth took shape and he even took his sons with him to help him run the venture. It was bearing a lot of fruits until they registered the business as Otto & Sons.

Around 1963, McDonald’s opened a restaurant in Chicago and requested Otto & Sons to supply meat at their outlet. McDonald’s was able to grow and expand tremendously within a very short period. They started opening branches across all corners of the country to a point of Otto & Sons concentrating on their business alone. At around 1970, they needed funding to enable them to advance in their facilities. The existing ones could not hold a huge demand. They approached Sheldon Lavin & Associates for consultancy services. He was able to refer them to a very good credit partner who offered very low-interest rates.

Sheldon Lavin would then become a close friend of the two brothers who were at the retirement age. When one stepped down, Sheldon Lavin took over his roles as a partner. They decided to change the name of the company to OSI Group from Otto & Sons. He did not for many years as a partner. The younger brother also left after a certain period, Sheldon Lavin became the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the owner of the company. Much progress has been realized and Sheldon is one of the few people who have brought these changes on board. See also: https://www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Maarten de Jeu Gives Advice on Investing

Maarten de Jeu is a dynamic professional within the world finance sector. He is the CEO and founder of SVM Business Advisory, a company he established in 2012 as a need to use all of his skills to advise and consult with world-class CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. 

Maarten de Jeu has always worked within the finance sector and has gained experienced allowing him to use this expertise to help senior executives the world over glean financial know how to work on financing and funding for important projects they have. 

De Jeu is a financial strategist sought by fortune 100 clients for his eclectic mix of technical skills, industry knowledge and international business experience focused primarily on North America, Asia, and Europe. 

Despite the high echelons through which he moves Maarten de Jeu has put a short hold on his busy schedule to offer sound financial advice for investors of all sizes, including the very small investor. In a recent interview, he mentioned that commercial real estate was a sound investment and should be a part of the framework for all other investments. 

Commercial Real Estate Investing Is The Way To Go

Maarten De Jeu suggests that commercial real estate should make up a part of every investor’s portfolio in some way. He explains that adding commercial real estate investments is one of the safest investments to make. It represents little risk and a higher return because most commercial properties retain their value and are usually very inflation resistant. 

Available to Everyone

Best of all, he mentions, commercial real estate is available now to investors of all sizes, where just a few decades ago this type of purchase was only available to the larger corporate investor. Today, smaller investors can participate in the returns offered by commercial investments by pooling their money to purchase these more expensive properties. 

What Is Commercial Real Estate?

We refer to commercial real estate such as apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing buildings. These types of property are not as highly influenced by inflation, offer higher income possibilities and often increase in value the longer they are held. This type of investment is a bit more expensive than a single-family home but can also be more lucrative. 

Maarten de Jeu tells us that thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012, investors of all sizes can now use crowdfunding means to find the necessary investment capital for commercial property. Prior to this time, this type of investment was only available to large investors. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/maartendejeu

The Pros

Investing in commercial properties has a lot of advantages. It is less volatile than the purchase of stocks and bonds and the property offers more security and does not depend on market fluctuations. 

Property is a hard asset that is rarely affected by inflation. Savvy investors can protect themselves against the risks involved in investing by choosing commercial property. In addition, this type of property offers an income in the form of the monthly rent which can escalate over the long-term. 

Diversifying is Important to Investing Well

Maarten de Jeu informs us that investing is about diversification and the commercial property offers one of many options, but the benefit is that this is a relatively secure investment that does not fluctuate in price.

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Scott Gelb: Before Riot Games

Scott Gelb has had a productive life in the software design and manufacturing industry. He had a particular interest in MMORPGs. After receiving his degree in Computer Science, Gelb worked as a software engineer for several companies, including Livewire Media and MetaMatrix. While in graduate school, Scott Gelb developed a specialization in Information Technology, a skill that he has carried with him into his current position as Chief Operating Officer at Riot Games. Gelb has worked at Riot Games for eleven years, even helping to create the company’s star attraction, League of Legends. A franchise that has gone on the attract a record-breaking eight million daily users worldwide. Gelb is an asset to Riot Games and League of Legends, and he has proven that as such, even though his actions have not always matched the product.

While working at Perpetual Entertainment, Gelb was lead on two successful game productions, Star Trek Online and God and Heroes. In 2008, Riot Games brought Scott Gelb onboard to the company as Chief Technology Officer, but finally promoting him to Chief Operating Officer.

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Clément Perrette Hopes New Media Systems Can Spread a Philanthropic Message

The media no longer relies on the limitations of a broadcasting system and has not for years. The internet and satellite services greatly expanded the distribution of media. Technology continues to advance and evolve, further opening portals to getting messages across. Clément Perrette sees many ways in which advancements in media benefit those with philanthropic missions.

Perrette understands philanthropic causes don’t always get the attention they deserve. The reason is not that people don’t take the causes seriously. Often, they do not know about the issues. Not everyone stays on top of news about ocean conservation or how particular alternative energy systems can reduce carbon emissions. Getting the message across to the masses becomes less of a challenge, thanks to advancements in modern. That is not to say no obstacles exist, but they may be less challenging to overcome.

Clement Perrette has a cause he feels passionate about: ocean conservation. He realizes he can only do so much by himself. The chances of better preserving the ocean improve when more people become drawn to the cause. Perrette puts valuable time and resources into building up multimedia platforms to spreading the message about conservation.

Clément Perrette might come off as someone whose background is atypical for an ocean conservationist. He gained most of his notoriety from working in the financial sector. Perrette was a driving force behind developing STRIPs, zero-coupon bonds when he worked at Société Générale Paris.

In reality, anyone can become involved with ocean conservation. Clément Perrette hopes he can tap into emerging media channels to get as many people involved as possible.

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