OSI Industries’ Plant-Based Revolution

In a world that’s filled with a plethora of options, the food industry certainly has its fair share of diverse products. In 2019, health-conscious consumers are pushing a new agenda that doesn’t require the consumption of red meat. We are now transitioning into a plant-based society since illness is so prevalent in society today. Impossible Foods is one of the major players that specializes in this particular category. Impossible Foods already has one of the top-selling products on the food market, and it’s known as the Impossible Burger. Of course, this burger is meatless, and it tastes just like the real thing. An advantage to meatless burgers is that they don’t have all of the saturated fats that real beef possesses. Minimizing our environmental footprint is the name of the game. Check out monster.com to view OSI Group careers and jobs.

In order to get these products out to the public, Impossible Foods needed a food manufacturer that could handle the huge demands. This is where OSI Industries comes into view, and this mega food giant has never had any problems with the mass-production of food products. OSI Industries is a master of its craft. This Illinois-based food giant supplies some of the most prominent brands with high-quality foods, such as Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Subway. OSI has been chosen to supply Impossible Foods’ meatless burgers since the California-based company has contracts with multiple clients. Del Taco, Burger King, White Castle and Red Robin are some of the clients.

OSI Industries will simply help by filling a void, which just so happens to be quite massive. Impossible Foods will be supplying a number of food retailers. By the end of 2019, more than 17,000 food retailers will be serving these tasty burgers courteous of OSI Industries.

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American Addiction Centers Discusses Drugs and Alcohol on College Campuses

Teens and young adults tend to drink alcohol before they go to college. This behavior might take place at home or it might take place with their peers. Some young people drink alcohol by themselves.

This is also true for drug usage. Young people often drink and use drugs as a normal part of their experience. The American Addiction Centers wants parents to know that drugs and alcohol are waiting for your kids once they arrive on campus.

Colleges and universities are in a real struggle against the scourge of alcohol and drug use on campus. They are more than aware that it exists. Higher education institutions do not hide this fact. Instead, they try to find ways to reduce the use of intoxicating substances. However, they are fighting what seems like a losing battle.

The American Addiction Centers states that college campuses create different types of programs to deal with drinking and drug use. Many major universities around the country have created programs that deal with binge drinking.

This behavior has escalated over the years and it is a serious problem. Hundreds of students have died over the years from alcohol positioning. This is one reason why binge drinking is being addressed with great concern.

College campus officials also understand that most college kids are adults. They know that they have a legal right to drink if they choose this behavior. Still, they encourage students to be responsible with their drinking habits.

A lot of college students might be legally able to drink, but that does not mean they have the experience to control themselves in this area. The same can also be said about using drugs.

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College students often take drugs when they want to cram for an exam or when they want to unwind from a hard day of studies.

Drugs help them to relax and to stay focused on their education. It is also used to help students to socialize. Many college kids like to party and partying often has a wild time for college campus kids.

American Centers informs parents of this situation because they deal with it first-hand. There are quite a few drug and alcohol addicted patients who developed their dependency while at college.

Many of them started off taking a simple drink or just using a drug to help them through a rough spot. However, their simple use of drug and alcohol turned into a full blow addiction. They are now addicted and suffering from the bad habits they developed during that era of life.

The American Addiction Centers wants to let parents know the following facts. They state that not all college kids who drink and do drugs are going to become addicts.

Most will simply stop the behavior once they leave school. Others will continue to engage but it will not impact their life to the point where they cannot function. However, there will be a group of former college students who will become life-long addicts because of their substance abuse in college.

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Parents, you are going to have to do anything you can to keep your child from becoming an alcohol or drug addict.

While the odds are they will not get hooked on drugs and alcohol, the possibility is there. Don’t allow your child to become a statistic. Do what you can to keep these substances from ruining their lives.

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Should Athletes Be Paid By Kevin Plank?

One of today’s hotly debated topics that is talked about on different news platforms is whether college athletes should be paid to play and their likeness. For as long as college athletics have been around it has been illegal for college athletes to be paid, even though cheating has gone on for many years. This is due to laws enforced by the NCAA, but the state of California just passed the “fair pay to play” act which is causing debates around the country and could cause chaos among college athletes. One of the voices that is advocating for college athletes to be paid is Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank.

Kevin Plank believes that college athletes should be paid for marketing and that they should be able to sign a sponsorship with different companies. Under Armour is a sporting clothes company that already pays professional athletes and if the student athletes could get paid this would enhance Under Armour’s brand if they could sign college athletes to a sponsorship. According to Kevin Plank on cnbc.com, the schools and college sports industry already make enough money from these kid’s talents.

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Other famous sports figures agree with Kevin Plank and the bill the state of California just passed as well. If Governor Newsome of California signs and passes the bill, it would go into effect January 2023. The opposition to this bill argues that if you pay the college athletes the difference between amateur game and the professional game is irrelevant. Professionals get paid to play and if the student athletes are paid then what is the point of the college game. The NCAA will also oppose the bill and it will cause a riff between the government and the NCAA.

Kevin Plank does not have any say when it comes to the government passing the bill or the NCAA fighting against it, but as a businessman and CEO of Under Armour his take has nothing to do with business. He knows what kind of grind the student athletes go through and wants to make sure they get compensated for their work.

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Iskandar Safa Founded, Commands Global Shipbuilding Firm


Iskandar Safa said there was no direct plan for him to establish what would become among the world’s premier shipbuilding firms. He suggests is was merely a natural progression of his career as a civil engineer. Although he said that he “always liked boats,” he entered the shipbuilding sector for “commercial reasons.”

Iskandar Safa and his brother, Akram Safa, founded Privinvest in the early 1990s. In 1991 the freshly minted firm made a bold move that many industry observers considered risky. Mr. Safa opted to purchase the struggling CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie) shipyard in Cherbourg, France. The venerable maritime operator was in deep financial trouble. But within just a few years, CMN was a thriving operation. As of today, it has built 700 ships for 38 navies and employs 400 people. View More Information Here.

Iskandar Safa was born in Lebanon in 1955, a tumultuous and troubled time for that Mideast nation. He grew up and entered the American University in Beirut and completed a degree in civil engineering. He then pursued employment opportunities in the United States. After working as a junior civil engineer there, he opted to move to France to complete an MBA at the world-renowned INSEAD in Fontainebleau. He eventually became a French citizen. Go Here to learn more.

After working on further engineering projects in Saudi Arabia, Iskandar Safa entered the maritime realm with the establishment of Privinvest. In addition to the acquisition of CMN, Privinvest would continue to expand operations into Germany, the United Kingdom, points with the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Under Iskandar Safa’s leadership, Privinvest continues to be among the most robust and in-demand operators in its sector today. It currently is working on an order book of more than 80 vessels. Among its primary clients is NATO, although the firm has served more than 40 world navies to date.


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How STRIPS Trading Helped Clement Perrette Establish A Successful Career In The Financial Industry

Clement Perrette is a businessman in the financial industry. Since February 2016, he has been a senior portfolio manager at RAM Active Investments in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also an advocate for the world’s oceans and sea life. He is a non-executive board member of UPROAR and the executive producer of Ocean Souls. He also co-produced Call of the Blue, a beautiful coffee table book with hundreds of never-before-seen underwater pictures along with commentary from experts such as oceanologists.

STRIPS have been a financial instrument used around the world since the early 1990s. This is an acronym for Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities. This is a type of fixed-income security that is sold for less than face value but doesn’t offer interest payments as bonds do. Clement Perrette was instrumental in setting up STRIPS trading desks at Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, and Société Générale Paris.

He joined Société Générale Paris in September 1992. He set up its first STRIPS trading desk. Clement Perrette Barclays also led the trading, implementation, and success of this program. He managed his team’s daily operations and helped explain how STRIPS work to this company’s clients. The result of this work was that this firm became one of France’s top three traders.

In 1995, he joined Paribas SVT (Spécialistes en Valeurs du Trésor). The founding of the European Union and the introduction of the euro led to a more seamless and safer environment for trading securities in Europe. It also meant that rather than each country having its own STRIPS system, just one was implemented across Europe. This made Clement Perrette’s job a lot easier and drove his trading success to even greater heights. Paribas SVT became the top trading firm in Paris due to his success.

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CEO And Chairman Of Private Equity Firm Lincolnshire Management TJ Maloney

 Financial industry executive TJ Maloney joined the private investment company Lincolnshire Management in 1993 after having gained experience at a number of other businesses that were focused on mergers, acquisitions and securities law. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree, and from Fordham Law School, where he earned his J.D. degree, and he has been the guest lecturer on the subject of law and private equity at several universities around the country, including Columbia University.

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 in New York City, and the business has a 33-year record of making investments through various companies and financial cycles. After TJ Maloney became its CEO and Chairman, his job responsibilities required him to be actively involved with the investment portfolios of the other companies that Lincolnshire has as clients. The entrepreneur is also a member of the board of organizations such as Wabash, Credential Services International and Polaris Pool Systems.

To honor his accomplishments as a business executive, Fordham Law School presented TJ Maloney with the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award in 2007. The award was given to him as recognition for his exhibition of high moral standards in the corporate world. He has been the Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and has served on the Board of Trustees at both Boston College and Fordham University.

When Lincolnshire Management recently added four new team members to its group, TJ Maloney stated that these new additions reflect the strong commitment the company has to growing its staff with talented professionals who share its passion for the hands-on approach when it comes to investing. The new members are Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona, who are Senior Associates, and Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen, who are Analysts. In his leisure time, TJ Maloney enjoys reading, swimming, golfing and having family time.

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Igor Cornelsen Entertains Idea Of Continuous Investing

Building a strong investment portfolio is going to take time. It is not an overnight success. In fact, Igor Cornelsen recommends that investors start as early as possible and never stop building their portfolio. There are so many people that assume that investing is all about a 20 or 30 year block of time where you save for retirement. Igor disputes this and believes completely differently when it comes to successful financial portfolios.

From Igor Cornelsen’s perspective, there is no need to stop money that is making money if you are getting a good rate on return. This goes with any type of interest or dividends that are being paid out through your investments. Some people that are looking at a specific time frame to stop investing will not think about all of the money that they are losing when they stop their investments. This is what makes Igor Cornelsen a special type of investor. He helps people see that they risk the chance of losing out on so much money when they stop their money from making anything in their retirement years. He believes that investors that are looking forward to retirement should keep their money in places where you can still make money even in their retirement years.

You may lose your desire to play the riskier stock market investments, but you could at least leave some of the money in a 12-month CD. When you have the money that you have saved for your retirement at your disposal it is not like you are going to need every dime of this money within a year.

In the course of one year. Igor believes that you can save some money in a no risk, no penalty certificate of deposit and still find yourself collecting a sizable amount of interest on a monthly basis.

Gulf Coast Western, and the Oil and Gas Industry, Continue to Surge

Lately, the oil and gas industry has been doing quite well. Gulf Coast Western is one of the companies that has taken advantage of this. They have grown by creating partnerships with other companies, acquiring other companies and expanding their resources in the oil and gas industry.

Gulf Coast Western

Due to Gulf Coast Western’s acquisitions, it is now has a great combination of talent, resources, industry know-how and experience to continue to grow in the oil and gas industry. The company is focusing on its geological properties as well as the physical structures that it has to go along with the properties.

Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 as a family-owned business out of Dallas, TX. It also has locations in Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The company has expanded its footprint in southwestern Louisiana through some of its partnerships. Through these partnerships, it has acquired property rights as well as a large amount of 3D seismic data in southwestern Louisiana. They also have a share of 13 wells and 140 planned drilling locations that have around 30 million barrels of oil potential.

Other parts of their agreements will allow them to operate a large number of development wells in Louisiana, this is expected to produce around 800 barrels of oil daily. They have also acquired some 3D seismic data that will span around 42 square miles and will allow them to maximize production in that area. This is only a portion of the agreements and partnerships that they have going. They have many more that are truly helping to expand their business.

Gulf Coast Western

Aside from their current acquisitions and partnerships, which focus on exploration and leasing of existing activities in the Gulf Region, they are also looking to start operations in other parts of the United States. The company has already worked with over 1000 other companies and organizations, collaborating and partnering to explore, find and get oil and gas efficiently. With this work, they have all made a large contribution toward the current boom in the United States oil and gas industry.

MAGFAST works fast

When you have an iPhone or a tablet or an Android phone and you need to find a way to charge all your devices, there are a couple of options out there. If you are wanting to find a way where you can charge your devices without having a giant pile of cords, then a wireless charger like MAGFAST is where someone needs to turn.

The company is relatively new, having been crowdfunded in 2018. The creator, Seymour Segnit had an idea to come up with a wireless charger that can work better than what is currently on the market and still be relatively cheap.

The MAGFAST is different because it can plug right into the wall, or right into your car charger and then allow you to charge anything that allows for wireless charging. When you plug it into the wall, you can simply put your phone on top of the MAGFAST.

The charger uses magnetism in order to keep things in place, making your workplace stay nice and tidy. There is also the fast charging that is the other part of the name. This might not be something that was put out by Apple or Google, but it works perfectly with both of those lines of products.

That means that you can outfit your whole family with this wireless charger and make sure that everything is full charged. This is truly the kind of idea that made Segnit popular in the tech world. He’s long built himself a career as someone who knows all about “internet marketing” and he knows when there’s a product that is going to make everyone quite happy. The MAGFAST is one of those that can stand out in a crowded field because of it’s look and it’s performance.

Robert Redick Announces Retirement from the Law Firm Kisling, Nestico, & Redick

The law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick (KNR) recently announced that founding partner Robert Redick is set to retire. Robert plans on making Florida his new home where he plans on traveling and enjoying the sunshine. Mr. Redick has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm that is invaluable. Kisling Nestico & Redick considers his retirement a bittersweet moment. During his career, Robert was a mentor to a countless number of individuals.

Kisling Nestico & Redick was founded in 2005. The primary goal of the founders was to establish a firm that could help people get the best possible settlement. During his 13 year tenure, Robert fought tirelessly against insurance companies to hold them accountable. He also managed the firm’s financial operations and helped with other management duties. The firm started out with six people and now has about 170 at locations throughout Ohio. Mr. Redick says that he enjoyed the casework, but will miss the people the most.

Kisling Nestico & Redick is dedicated to helping the community. In recent years, the firm has raised over $375,000 to help the local community. In 2019, the firm created a campaign called KNR Cares About Kids. The campaign dedicates a year to supporting organizations that help children. This includes giving away 1,000 turkeys during Thanksgiving. The law firm has also pushed initiatives to help prevent accidents caused by texting while driving and not wearing helmets while riding a bike.

Childhood hunger is a major problem in the United States and Kisling Nestico & Redick believes that no child should suffer from hunger. The law firm also works hard to ensure that kids have adequate clothing. Unlike some companies, Kisling Nestico & Redick does not participate in long-distance philanthropy. The firm believes that true charity starts in the local area. Kisling Nestico & Redick recently took some disadvantaged kids on a $3,000 shopping spree at a local store. The firm truly believes in helping people in every way possible.