James Dondero and Philanthropic Theories

James Dondero isn’t someone who is a stranger to education. He was well prepared for his vocation in the finance world. Investment banking is something that’s been a part of his universe for a long time now. Jim Dondero used to be a student at the University of Virginia. This is a public school in Charlottesville, Virginia that presents pupils with all sorts of educational program choices. James Dondero chose to learn all that he could about accounting and even finance. He had a big plan in mind as well. JP Morgan called and offered him a position that was promising. He soared in the position, too. That wasn’t the end of his experience with sizable American financial businesses. He also managed to get a job with American Express. He was a shining star with that company. All of this paved the way for something both novel and thrilling. Jim Dondero collaborated with Mark Okada as a means of creating Highland Capital Management. They started the full-service firm toward the start of the nineties. They did so in Southern California in Los Angeles. The company’s time in the City of Angels, however, didn’t last for too long. Jim Dondero and Okada made the major decision to uproot to bustling Dallas, Texas in 1994. That decision proved to be a smash hit. Highland Capital Management has been serving the good people of the Big D for decades at this point. People all over the metropolis are more than familiar with Dondero and Okada.

Jim Dondero likes to take part in all kinds of philanthropic missions all over Dallas. He has outstanding relationships with many non-profit entities in the city. He also likes to do anything in his power to help out the Dallas Zoo. It’s among the city’s biggest tourist draws.

The Changes Made by JHSF and José AuriemoNeto

When it comes to the Brazilian marketplace, it all comes down to the changes that were being made. There are a lot of changes to the area, and a lot of this has to do with JHSF, which is the area’s largest real estate investment firm to date. The company has been around for decades and has truly been an integral part of this particular country. The company has worked on some of the largest projects, including hotels, airports and shopping centers that have benefited the people who are living, working or traveling to Brazil itself.

There are lots of reasons for you to consider making use of the JHSF company and learning more about what the company has done. The CEO of the company, José AuriemoNeto, has a long history of working on both residential and commercial projects of all sizes. He has been with the company since 1993 and has truly become an integral part of the way that the agency works. José Auriemo has the education needed that is going to work for those who might be interested. You may make the decision to utilize José AuriemoNeto and his skills that he has to work on some of the other large projects that are available to you.

Once you know just how beneficial José Auriemo is and why he has been working with JHSF for so long, you’ll realize just how beneficial this particular agency is and why they are a wonderful asset to individuals who need it. Because of all of the different work this expert has done, he’s been able to extend his career and help the residents of Brazil. You will love being able to utilize this particular professional and know that he is going to be helping you in many different beneficial ways. You will want to go to his social media pages and see exactly why so many have put their trust into José AuriemoNeto and are choosing to work with this professional when it comes to all of these different types of projects that he is working on.

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Corporate Strategist Maarten de Jeu on Commercial Real Estate Investing

A successful business will need to eventually expand two new offices. A successful landlord may want to add more apartment buildings to their portfolio. Investing in commercial real estate is done so with the expectation that there is some profit and it. Though it’s generally considered a safer form of investing, corporate strategist Maarten de Jeu knows that there are many things that go into real estate investment at this level to avoid certain risk factors and increase the potential for returns.


In the case of commercial real estate, revenue either comes from waiting for the property value to increase over time or renting. Whatever avenue is chosen, many investors prepare for eventual renovations by fixing things like lighting, addressing cosmetic concerns by painting and replacing certain fixtures, and getting new appliances to increase that value or raise the rent.


These are tactics applicable to corporate and residential properties, but de Jeu points two key differences between the two. When looking at commercial properties, for instance, renovations proved to be more challenging, both in cost and labor. This makes for fewer competitors, but the investment is generally higher. Rent is also higher in commercial properties due to longer leases, and that high price contributes to taxes, insurance, and general upkeep that might not occur in residential buildings.


So, how do investments like these get started?


For de Jeu, all business is dependent on interpersonal relationships. More important than knowing certain figures, investors need to know how to relate to people and make them more open to collaboration. As investments get more pricey, the number of people investors will have to reach to in order close on a property will increase. 


Networking is an ideal solution to this. Such events bring new investors to the local players in real estate, and de Jeu says that the relationships formed here serve many business purposes. In time, with enough experience and name recognition, de Jeu suggests hosting your own events. It’s an opportunity to curate the guest list, decide which relationships deserve further investment and establish new ones.


These relationships will pay off in, de Jeu notes, but only if an investor can display their bona fides. Being informed about a property, the current state of the market and the local area help an investor make the right decisions and decide who to reach out to for assistance when needed. The building that network of professional allies will help an investor further consider the value of an investment, the potential risk their taking on, and how to proceed.


Those risk assessments will comprise the physical area of the property, damages, potential renovations, area value, and other factors that only be determined by attending open houses, surveying a neighborhood, and consulting projections concerning property value.


Comparables will demystify purchasing decisions some times, de Jeu says. This is data that looks at the property in similar areas and of a similar size and use it to see how far a deal an investor is getting.


Whether residential or commercial, real estate is investors’ dream because it promises steady and high returns. not to mention it’s a good asset for any portfolio. De Jeu, however, wants investors to be cautious in their approach, take risk assessments seriously, plan within their financial means, and make the right friends to better secure investments that pay off. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/maarten-de-jeu


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu is a corporate development strategist known in Europe and North America. Holding an MBA from the University of Oxford, de Jeu was recruited by Aviva plc as a Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. Success there brought him back to London to serve as their International Strategy Manager. When it was time for a change, de Jeu want to TVDK Management Consultants, allowing him the opportunity to guide corporations like Heinz, ING, and Sara Lee through complicated international expansion projects. He’s also the founder of SVM Business Advisory in Chicago, extending his business experience to growing businesses looking to follow in his footsteps.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings- UK is the lending organization providing alternative lending solutions. The UK LLC aims to let the users find solutions to most common problems they are facing in the financial world. With its base office in London, the company plans to expand their business to even smaller towns. The company’s stock based loans offer very low interest rates thus increasing their clientele to over 20 million customers globally.

What is the Advice Luke Lazarus Gives to Young Entrepreneurs

As one of the early investors in great companies, Luke Lazarus is known as a highly credible entity in the business sector. But while his startups has given him freedom and wisdom, it is not his only startup that has went on to become a vastly famous company with an investment from Luke Lazarus.

Being active in the operating and investment sector for well over a decade, Luke Lazarus has also been associated with companies that are profitable and have made exits in the past. His investments in people and companies are what makes him stand apart from the rest of the people within the finance and startups sector.

That is why, when Luke Lazarus took the time to talk about his career and also shared some advice for young entrepreneurs, it was certain to garner the interest of those who want to follow a similar path of success.

What Does Luke Lazarus Advise to Young Entrepreneurs?

Seeing that Luke started working when he was still at college at the University, , it is not shocking to see that his first piece of advice for young people is to “Never give up.”

Luke elaborated on this by mentioning how one should always have their eyes set on their goal and never let anything distract them – especially if that happens to be someone telling you that your dream is not achievable.

According to the investor, you should always take the path of perseverance instead of being timid about what you want to do. He explained that taking risks is what makes you successful, as compared to holding back which only gives you regret for the rest of your life.

Seeing how Luke has been able to achieve what he dreamt of over two decades ago, his advice certainly holds weight. At the very least, it’s worth to keep in mind as you navigate the difficult waters of the early stages of your career.

Remember that it is those that follow and heed the advice of the people that matter in their lives that do well. Luke is one such individual that is a friend to startups across their many different stages.

He helps them to dream big and fight in a manner that they capture value in the utmost sense of the word. He is not in it for the short term, he is in it to win it and he has demonstrated this over his long and storied career.

Lazarus is a strong proponent of doing what is right each day, aiming for excellence and improving each day to get to the right state of business. It is hard to do because many people can find ways to stumble and fall. Startups are after all, a high risk venture.

Startups take on many different odds and strive to overcome them over each day to really get to the level of success which they desire. They must focus on the right actions each day and work hard.

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Asia Is Facing A Pilot Deficit- Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are The Answer

South East Asia has been faced with an alarming deficit of pilots, resulting in cancelled flights and local carriers scrambling to manufacture their own flight academies. With Boeing estimating that Asia will require 266,000 more pilots by 2038, the deficit of pilots in Asia presents a considerable threat to its rising airline industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder of Asia’s largest flight school “Alpha Aviation Group”, has taken a revolutionary approach towards resolving the pilot deficit – Tapping into the female workforce of the Philippines.

Bhanu Choudhrie has reoriented Alpha Aviation Group’s recruitment efforts towards women. The young, bright, women of the Philliines are an untapped workforce that Choudhrie believes can be the answer to the rising deficit of airline pilots internationally.

“There is huge demand and men alone can’t fill that. It’s the women who will be the ones to drive this growth,” he said.

Historically, piloting positions were not marketed towards women, resulting in a meager 3% of the world’s pilots being female.

Spending significant amounts of time away from home was a challenge that initially may have discouraged women from pursuing careers as airline pilots. However, with the increased need for low-cost carriers that travel for shorter distances, women are now presented with the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation without having to sacrifice their home lives, Choudhrie said.

Bhanu Choudhrie ‘s Alpha Aviation Group continues to expend great effort to dispel the notion that only men could attend flight academies. Hosting recruitment events at universities throughout Asia, Choudhrie’s Alpha Aviation Group aims to assist in informing and encouraging young, intelligent and capable women with the hopes they will pursue a career in aviation.

Currently, in a class of 550, nearly one in five of Alpha Aviation Group’s students are women. Bhanu Choudhrie is anticipated to invest roughly US$12 million annually over the next three years to expand the Phillipine campus, with hopes of doubling the school’s intake and eventually opening campuses in La Union and Zambales.

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Sharon Prince and The Grace Farms Foundation Turn Substantial Efforts Toward Ending Forced Labor Globally

Grace Farms is a unique social and cultural institution unlike any other this country has seen. The carefully-crafted public space is nestled on 80 acres of stunningly lush meadows, woodlands, and wetlands in the heart of New Canaan, Connecticut. It was built as an effort of the Grace Farms Foundation, a privately operating foundation that operates to enhance the lives of people both locally, statewide and throughout the country. Grace Farms Foundation’s core focuses are community, nature, faith, arts, and justice for all.

Grace Farms Foundation has now spread its wings quite a bit wider, focusing on the global issue of the fact there is still forced labor, a less-harsh word for what is slave labor, being used in the supply chain for the creation of a variety of building materials.

The Foundation has developed the brand new Grace Farms Foundation Architecture Construction Working Group. This group will outline granular criteria for how materials sources for building projects. The newly-developed criteria will be utilized by construction managers, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders that work with globally-sourced materials to ensure they are only using materials in their projects that were built without using slave labor.

These “slave-free” parameters will enable decision-makers on building projects to easily scrutinize suppliers to make sure all materials were produced sans forced labor. As a secondary result, since the purchasing decision-makers have committed to only using materials built by companies that follow these non-forced labor guidelines, overseas supply chains will have to stop using forced labor or risk losing a wealth of their business.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is spearheading the initiative. Ms. Prince is the president, chair and founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2009. She is passionate about human rights and has fought tirelessly to end human rights violations. The Grace Farms Foundation and Ms. Prince recently co-hosted a gathering with members of the United Nations University that focused solely around coming together to fight human trafficking.

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Isabel dos Santos: Wealthy African Entrepreneur Leading the Fight Against Poverty

Angola is a country in the southern part of Africa that is ruled by a single man from 1979 to 2017. This man, former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, is the father of Africa’s first female billionaire, Isabel dos Santos.

Isabel dos Santos is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Africa, and her current net worth is at $2 billion. She is the first child of Angola’s former president, born in Baku, Azerbaijan. At an early age, her father wanted her to study abroad, and she was sent to the Cobham Hall in the United Kingdom for her basic education.

When she reached college, Isabel dos Santos enrolled at the King’s College and took a degree in Electrical Engineering. This is where she met Sindika Dokolo, a wealthy heir from Kinsasha whom she married in 2002. After she graduated from King’s College, she decided to go back to Angola and helped her father in ruling the country.

One of her first projects under her father’s government was to become the project management engineer for the Urbana 2000 Project. She ensured that all of the tasks are completed every day, and it is carried out properly. Urbana 2000 aims to disinfect Angola’s capital city and clean it to ensure the safety of the citizens. Urbana 2000 was a success, and it was lauded as one of the best programs initiated by the government to preserve the health of the people.

Isabel dos Santos is also fond of investing in many companies outside Angola, and this is where he got the majority of her wealth. In Portugal, she invested in Angolan Bank, ZON Multimedia, and Banco Portugues de Investimento. She holds a significant percentage of shares in these companies, sharing her knowledge on how they can improve their business.

Aside from her business-minded nature, Isabel dos Santos is also active when it comes to philanthropy. She heads several programs that aim to combat poverty in Africa, and she is also developing new projects that will improve people’s quality of life, and promote easier access to sanitation. She is also dedicating her time and effort to improve the economy across the continent.

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MaurícioMendonça Godoy is the CEO of a Brazilian Petrol company. He was a brilliant student back in college and has done his degree in two important subjects. One was Mechanical Engineering, and the other was Business Administration. He did his engineering in 1983. He has also done a couple of extension courses, one from the Harvard Business School in 2012.

His professional career is as bright as his academic record was. MaurícioMendonça Godoy has worked as the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Brazil, Toyo SetalEmpreendimentos, for two years. He also was the CEO of SOG Company for two years before Toyo. He has served as the most competent Director of another company TS Gas doBrasil for three years before these two companies. Just finishing his graduation, MaurícioMendonça Godoy worked as a construction manager at CodstilDedini from 1985 to 1988. After this, he worked as a project manager of CBI LIX for the next eight years, after which he joined the Setal Oil and Gas. He worked there for almost a decade.

MaurícioMendonça Godoy decided to build the foundation of his own company, and that is when Estaleiros do Brasil was founded. His company has been able to lead many projects, most of which are major projects in the construction industry. His company is also known for the construction of one of a kind shipyard, the EBR shipyard. Godoy was also responsible for the expansion and revamping of the natural gas processing unit in Rio de Janeiro. Apart from that, Godoy is leading as the editor of a famous book named “Integrated Systems for the Management of Industrial Companies.”

MaurícioMendonça Godoy decided to build his company because of his vision, where he sees Brazil making billions of dollars from the business. This also makes the ports more user-friendly, and more international trades will be interested in doing business and trade in the country. His company has built many notable shipyards in different states of the country.

Godoy is very punctual and wakes up early in the morning. He believes in an early start of the day, which allows him to make the best out of each day. This is one of the many reasons his success is so constantly uphill.

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Nitin Khanna Gives His Key Rules For Becoming A Succesful Entrepreneur

There are few entrepreneurs in the U.S. who can match the success of the technology, cannabis, and mergers expert Nitin Khanna. The India-born entrepreneur has sat at the head of three supremely successful companies that were in some way his own idea at some stage in their inception. The former CEO of MergerTech, Saber, and Cira Cannabis now wants to pass on his experience and allow his fellow entrepreneurs to understand the spaced they occupy within the industrial sector.

It is said that great entrepreneurs understand when to take a risk and embark on a new venture. Nitin Khanna is obviously one of those who understand how and when to take a calculated gamble. Nitin Khanna took a risk at the age of 17 when he stepped onto a plane and traveled to the U.S. from India to complete his academic career at Purdue University thousands of miles away from his family. At the turn of the century, Nitin Khanna moved into the software sector with the establishment of Saber alongside his brother. Not only has Saber become the largest provider of secure voting software for states around the U.S., but the company also proved an even greater success for Nitin Khanna when it was sold for $1,200 million based on a turnover of $300 million.

Always willing to help his fellow entrepreneurs, Nitin Khanna established MergerTech because he was constantly being asked how he had managed to sell Saber for such a huge profit. Nitin Khanna believes there are two basic tips he can give to budding entrepreneurs, including the need to know oneself when embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. By understanding their own abilities, the entrepreneur can effectively build a team to assist with the growth of their company. Secondly, Nitin Khanna recommends terminating employees who are not an effective fit for the company because this will free up both parties to find future success.

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