The Amazing Story of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is one of the richest men in India. Interestingly, he comes from a humble background and had to work way to the top. His story began back in India. Gupta was born on the 4th of July in 1946 at Rampur Manhyaran. At the time, the village didn’t have most of the necessities. Gupta grew up at a place that had no electricity or technology.

Despite his humble beginnings, Vinod Gupta finished high school and enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, where he studied agricultural engineering. While studying at IIT, Gupta met a visiting professor, Dr. Bill Splinter, from the University of Nebraska. Splinter recommended him for an engineering program at the University of Nebraska.

Gupta’s family did the best that they could and got him a plane ticket. His journey abroad would change his life for the better. Vinod Gupta didn’t waste his opportunity at the University of Nebraska. After finishing undergraduate studies, he enrolled for an MBA.

He was lucky enough to get a job after graduation. He was employed as a market research analyst at the Commodore Corporation. He got his first big break when his boss asked him for a list of all mobile home dealerships in America. Being the hard worker that he is, Vinod Gupta created the list at a time when there was no internet. He gave the boss the option of buying the entire list from him, but the firm turned down the offer.

He sold the list to other manufacturers of mobile homes and got a lot of interested buyers. Thus, InfoUSA, his first company, was born. He later sold the company for $680 million in 2010. After selling his first business, Gupta launched the Everest Group, which deals in venture capital.

Today, Gupta continues being the managing director of Everest Group and donating to numerous charitable causes in India and America. He believes that if you are blessed with something, you have to do your part and help those in need.

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Ashley Lightspeed Significance to The Digital Industry

Ashley Lightspeed has a vast experience in the technology industry. She is always up to date with the advantages of investing in firms which concern digital media. The business lady is an alumnus of Stanford, where she attained an MBA. She possesses an outstanding background in media, business, and entertainment. It is through these skills that she can assist firms in developing solutions to their issues. The entrepreneur earned a Bachelor’s in Arts at Duke University. It is in this program that students are equipped with knowledge of how social and political worlds affect media technologies. Also, they learn about the history of curriculum and professional contexts like in hospitals. Read this article at Forbes to learn more about Ashley.

The lessons she learned in different roles

Ashley Lightspeed served as the vice president of arts, media, and entertainment at Stanford. The purpose of the group was to create awareness in the programs through education and professional opportunities. Also, they showcased their potential in industry representatives and their innovative talent. Every firm that she operated on gave her a unique aspect to digital media. Another lesson was that it permitted her to comprehend the changing trends and know the ability of the future. Her expertise in the digital media industry offered a better understanding of the industry advantages.

Her advice and investments trends she likes

Currently, Ashley Lightspeed operates at the firm where directs her passion to the digital media and innovation industry. She articulates that product and market teams should work together to develop growth strategies. There are different investments trends that she is passionate about, such as Holistic Wellness. It concerns consumer health solutions which consider the whole body. Another is the IRL experiences and communities which links people with same interests and meet in life to pursue their activities. The Lightspeed program offers business people with direct access to their partnerships. Also, they allow entrepreneurs to have a mentor relationship with one partner from the firm to guide them. Learn More:

The Outstanding Career of Vijay Eswaran

It is easy to separate a business that is mediocre from one that is doing well. Companies that are excelling tend to have positive online feedback and continuous acquisition of profits. Vijay Eswaran has progressed in his business with his progressive mindset in planning and perseverance. He has lived to practice continuous skill development throughout his professional life. He has developed his knowledge through spending his time online learning the new trends and modern aspects for business growth. Through engaging with other people, he has identified the crucial factors behind success in a venture. Besides focusing on his personal life, he has invested in helping his employees grow. He conducts continuous training for his employees by teaching them on the essential aspects of outstanding business. He engages other successful individuals in the industry to help him educate his workers on the basics for moving his venture forward.

Vijay Eswaran has remained driven to be the greatest. The negative issues that have affected his performance at work have never discouraged him from making his moves. Though he is a prolific entrepreneur, he likes writing books to motivate and inspire people. He targets to draw people closer to the business world through the encouragement he gives them in his motivational talks and writings. He has given people the meaning of life by being their supporter in their dark moments. His words of encouragement have impacted his career as he is consulted by most executives and church owners to share his wisdom with their workers.

Vijay Eswaran is keen on creating efficiency in his brand. He notes that the treatment that customers receive at a company influences their customer experience. If a company staff mishandles a client, it gets almost impossible for them to come back for more services at the venture, and this slows down development in an enterprise. Clients that do not receive efficient services end up giving back negative feedback about a particular company to other interested clients, and this may put off new clients from shopping with the specific venture. Vijay Eswaran encourages business owners to create flexibility and convenience in their services. He adds that firms in areas that are easily accessible give clients motivation to stick to the venture as they acquire services faster.

Vijay Eswaran has facilitated growth at his QI Group venture through the empathy he exercises. His venture owns a vast number of affiliates in different countries, offering diverse products and services to people for different communities. He has served people with humility as his business operates in many fields like health care, technology, and education sectors. His emphatic nature has enabled him to shun leaders that mishandle their employees. He advocates for employee rights as he knows that they are human-like him. He respects his staff and gives them opportunities to rest when they feel weary. Besides, he offers them the best wages according to law requirements and his success at the QI Group is due to the hard-working nature of his team. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Dick DeVos Helps Build A School In Grand Rapids That Is Dedicated To Aviation

Dick DeVos is a man who has always done everything in his power to make his country stronger. A lot of the work he has done has improved the state of Michigan and many of its cities, and he continues to work hard to do even more for his home state. DeVos ran to serve as the governor of Michigan in 2006, but things didn’t go his way as he lost his bid to the incumbent Democrat Jennifer Granholm. He was successful when he helped to pass a piece of legislation that changed Michigan from a state where a citizen must join a union to get a job to a right-to-work state where everyone can secure employment.


In 1991, Dick DeVos helped put a stop to a plan that could have change the course of Grand Rapids in a bad way for many years to come. The plan was to build a sports and convention arena in the city north of its downtown area. DeVos had already been witness to a similar plan that went sour in Detroit when the city’s sports teams left after it constructed the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills.


Instead of sitting by idly waiting for the bad news to come in, Dick DeVos picked up his telephone and began to build a lobbying effort. He was able to get many of the region’s business leaders to come together in the process. After the smoke cleared, the idea was laid to rest and DeVos had helped to put together a group that has done a lot for the city ever since. That group goes by the name of Grand Action, and it has been a part of the construction of many of the city’s most successful buildings.


Dick DeVos cares so much about Grand Rapids that he took the time to help build a charter school that focuses on the aviation industry. That school has been named The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and it is located inside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In the beginning, the school was held inside of a rundown office on the airport, but it is now holding classes in a building of its own. The school holds a public lottery every year, which functions to select the lucky student who will be able to attend there the following year.


Dick DeVos grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the son of the billionaire Richard DeVos. He studied at Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. DeVos’s father founded Amway, and Dick DeVos worked with the company for many years. He eventually served Amway as its CEO for almost a decade and currently works with the Windquest Group as its founder.


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Dr. Jejurikar: Impacting the World

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Dallas, Texas area and beyond. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Here, he uses his skills primarily to help patients who are looking to get cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breast.

Dr. Jejurikar obtained his medical degree at University of Michigan Medical School, before bringing his passion for plastic surgery to Dallas. From his Dallas office, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar treats local patients and those who choose to travel to him because of his expertise. He is also affiliated with Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. The doctor has broadened his reach even further by writing a blog which is full of valuable information for patients and volunteering for Smile Bangladesh, where he has performed surgeries on patients with facial cleft deformities in developing countries, like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Right in line with his international volunteer work, Dr. Jejurikar was one of only 3% of physicians in the nation to be awarded the Compassionate Doctor certification in 2012. This recognition is given to those who have a near-perfect overall and bedside manner score, as voted by their patients. Following this honor, he was added to The Registry™ of Business Excellence.

As a member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, he works alongside other practitioners to address safety issues around the Brazilian Butt Lift. He’s strongly invested in the safety aspects of his field, speaking domestically and internationally on the topic. He also has a sincere interest in his patients, taking the time to get to know them and aiming to positively influence their lives through his work. Put simply, Dr. Jejurikar loves what he does, is good at what he does, and he truly cares for his patients.

Todd Levine Attorney Artist and Musician

Whatever the area of litigation is, there is an attorney who will find the most creative solutions for the case: Todd Levine. His ability to simplify problems attract many business owners to work with him.

As an expert commercial litigator, Todd Levine uses divergent skills to work on his projects, always satisfying the demands of the client.

The Most Recognized Attorney Of Florida

The attorney has received a great many awards due to his problem-solving talent and innovation. The audience has recognized his work in multiple events and magazines, becoming quite popular in his industry.

We will take a closer look at the background of Todd Levine and attempt to identify the cause of his massive success.

Todd Levine’s Legal And Creative Skills

Like many brilliant attorneys, Todd received high-quality education studying law at Florida Levin College. Moreover, the combination of financial principles made him specialize in commercial litigations.

Finance defined the foundation that many clients were looking in an attorney, being more likely to do business with Todd.

The fact that makes Todd Levine different is his way to arrange legal information, putting contrary skills into work.

On the one hand, he has in-depth knowledge and experience about law and financial regulations. On the other hand, Todd is an avid musician and artist, which helps him to see cases differently and use his creativity to solve problems.

It is very rare to find who masters two contrary fields. The most successful people of the world share this pattern, fusing both opposites to create a valuable skill.

Applying artistic principles to logic-based activities such as litigations explains why Todd’s strategical thinking is so effective.

Todd Levine Litigation Projects

This attorney is an experienced expert in many ordinary legal matters, ranging from real estate litigations to intellectual property cases.

As for commercial litigations, Todd Levine has worked on cases involving partnerships, financial agreements, construction litigation, among others.

Todd Levine is also the founding member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, Levine P.I., a selection of the best lawyers of the USs.

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Sergey Petrossov and His JetSmarter Success

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is the 28-year-old founder of JetSmarter who says “when you go all-in as an entrepreneur, you don’t look back.” This may be true because today the company has 260 employees compared to the messily 50 they had just in 2015. JetSmarter offers four different flight routes, both scheduled and on-demand so people can make flights depending on their life schedules.

The basic idea of JetSmarter came to Sergey Petrossov back in the year 2009. He and some friends were taking a flight to South Florida and he was completely shocked that the only way to reserve the flight was to call the company directly. He noticed that the system that most of the companies were using was really complicated and confusing for the customers. That’s also when he says that he realized that your average plane was only flying about 200 hours a year when they could be flying closer to 1,200 a year. This is when it was also figured that if everything was broke up by how many seats were on the plane then the cost of the flight could be significantly cheaper for the customer.

When people ask Petrossov at what time does a JetSmarter membership become convenient for a business or frequent flyer? His response to this often asked question is “with our clientele, the financial numbers don’t always attract them to our services, its the lifestyle.” People have also asked about the New York and New Jersey area airports to figure out which ones are compatible with JetSmarter to which his response is “the most prominent private aviation airports in New York City are Teterboro and the Westchester County, White Planes.”

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Betterworks Has Just Launched An Exciting New Product

Betterworks is the firm that stakes its claim on its innovative software that provides a solution in the area of Continuous Performance Management. The firm was launched in 2013 and the Redwood City, California-based operation has grown substantially since that time. This is due to the real benefits that Betterworks provides to today’s business sector through the use of its innovative software solutions.

With Betterworks, businesses gain tools and data points that help them to be more organized and efficient in everything they do. Working with software solutions through Betterworks is an outstanding way for a business to consistently meet goals that are set and get all employees onto the same page.

Small and medium-sized businesses just received some great news from Betterworks. This is concerning the firm launching its new Team Edition. The Betterworks Team Edition is a new product offering that will allow businesses in these size ranges to utilize performance management tools that will greatly enhance their abilities to run a successful operation and meet the goals that they set as an organization.

This new Betterworks Team Edition is the ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for an excellent way to team build and help their employees to understand company goals on a more concise level.

This new offering from the Betterworks team is the perfect performance management solution that businesses can use to create a workforce that is more engaged and motivated. Bringing these types of solutions to today’s business community has helped to make Betterworks the leader in performance management solutions.

Mark Holyoake Growth from a Pro-Athlete to an Entrepreneur

Mark Holyoake was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He developed some interest in gymnastic at a tender age when he was nine years old. At age ten, he began to compete in various sports. Mark has a natural talent and is an all-round player. Unlike most gymnasts, Mark managed to create balance and between sports and education. His commitment and hard work helped him excel in all disciplines.

Most athletes mainly focus on one area and never consider their future when they will be old and major in working instead of being a pro-athlete. As a forward-thinker, Mark Holyoake joined Auckland University and attained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. His main objective was to ensure that he has created a strong foundation for his future. Mark would have a career to pursue once he gets old to point he could not participate nay further in gymnastics. Mark understands that a gymnastic career for a male is short-lived.

Mark Holyoake was able to create a balance as a personal trainer while practicing at the Tri-Star Gymnastics Club with his university education. His discipline helped him successfully maneuver at all three endeavors. In 2005, Mark participated in World Artistic Gymnastic Championships. In 2006, he participated in the Commonwealth Tournament. Surprisingly, he broke the record of the many rotations while at a Horse Pommel. Mark made 65 rotations in one minute which saw him in Guinness World Record Book and retired in 2010. The Pommel Horse is among the most complicated apparatus for the male gymnasts.

Mark Holyoake later chose to retire and started working ta Less Mills International as a personal trainer. Mark was the best candidate for the post since he is a suitable example of health fitness and a happy life. It was at this juncture that he joined CrossFit community and completed in CrossFit activities.

Mark Holyoake had to be very creative to ensure that his business plan getsdirect approval. The CrossFit gymnast was quite expensive, and thus, Mark could not meet the cost. For guaranteed success, Mark Holyoake hired a renewed trainer to see him through the process successfully. He finally succeeded and has used the platform to teach others on how to succeed in sports.

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LocationSmart can help Your Business through IP Geolocation

IP geolocation offers you a great chance to improve your aptitude to communicate with your clients and support your company’s operational activities. LocationSmart provides its clients with an effective and proven system to maximize the advantages of IP geolocation in many ways.

Here are some of the effective ways LocationSmart helps your business.

Compliance with legal regulations

The majority of industries are highly regulated, and the laws pertain the geographic location of the user. For instance, online gaming activities and mobile lottery are supposed to comply with local and state regulations. Bear in mind that online betting is illegal in specific regions. So, a gamer’s geographic location must be determined and confirmed before the company accepts bets or offer payouts.

Companies like this might face legal consequences if they do not comply with the established laws. The utilization of IP geolocation data offers companies the capability to identify the geographic boundary where the user is found accurately.

Lessen the risks related to online fraud

Online fraud is a growing and serious issue. It affects your clients and your business, so all the chances to prevent should be taken. The IP location of every user can be identified once the user tries to use the services through a network.

Businesses utilize this critical IP intelligence to know if the user’s account is accessed from an unidentified location or device. Additionally, the IP intelligence will determine if special efforts are being employed to anonymize or conceal the user’s data and location.

Geo specific marketing with real-time conversation

With the help of IP geolocation, your organization can get real-time information about where your clients are located. You will also know whenever they access your mobile app or connect to your services in other ways. This allows you to communicate with clients instantly.

Protect your network and assets

Another useful way to use IP geolocation internally is to boost your network security. You will know which gadgets are connected to your network and their specific locations. The real-time data will notify you to any hacking attempts and other malicious activities, to allow you to take proper action. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

Secure your digital data and copyrights

The majority of business rely on protected data like streaming content. For you to benefit from digital content, you need to make sure that unauthorized users don’t access the content.

With the help of IP geolocation, you will know where and when your valued content was accessed. So, you will identify if the digital data is on the wrong hands. Identification of unauthorized access via IP geolocation allows you to take actions and lessen the impact.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is an international cloud location service provider. The company provides an effective and comprehensive cross-carrier system for context-aware, local, and hyper-local app development.

Their primary location technologies span outdoor and indoor use of any gadget, system, and network to reflect the way people live their lives. The company was established in 1995.

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