American Academy of Arts Face the Subaru Challenge

Subaru and Beyond

Gary Chu, interior designer for Subaru, addressed the students of American Academy of Arts, told the students “A strong storyboard will springboard any design,” in encouraging the students to produce a strong storyboard for the Subaru car of 2030. Students of Academy of the Art University (AAU), San Francisco, recently came together to work on a challenge put to them by Subaru Corporation, which is to design the next Subaru. But this is not a normal design for Subaru, the students and staff at the Academy of the Art University are being asked to design the Subaru car of the future, which is 2030 to be exact. The enthusiastic students of AAU did just that. While some of the most gifted students brainstormed the idea, others sketched and made 2D and 3D models of the Subaru 2030 car of the future. It has become the love child of AAU students who threw their minds and hearts into the project.

Coming up with an Empathetic Design

The students were directed to come up with an “empathetic design” that both Subaru and its customers could identify with; in other, they had to put themselves into another shoe and ask the question how would another driver feel in this design. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge the AAU students had to also project themselves into the environment of 2030 and envision what it will be like a decade from now when the car would go live. Akino Tsuchiya, Professor in the Industrial Design department at AAU told the students on the Subaru project “developing a persona helps create an emphatic design.” The students during their training at AAU are taking the first steps into the professional world by working on such projects as the Subaru project. Eryn Powers, student at AAU said: “if you create someone and build a story, then the pieces come together.”

American Academy of the Arts

The American Academy of Art opened its doors in 1923 to become the premiere school for professionals in many fields of art. Since its opening some of the leading artist in multiple brances have taken their places as leading artist in their field.

The mission of AAU is to prepare students for a life of fruitful productivity in their choice field of art, whether it is acrylics, animation, modeling, film scoring, ballet, or break dancing.

AAU offers degrees, undergrad as well as graduate degrees in 3-D modelint, Graphic Design, Painting and Photography, as well as illustration, Mutimedia design and Art Direction.

Isabel dos Santos the Richest Businesswoman in Africa

Isabel hails from Angola and is the daughter of the former president of the country, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She is the richest businesswoman in Africa and is named among the most influential women in the world. Her net worth is over two billion dollars, which have made her be the first billionaire woman in Africa. She attended King’s College after finishing her preliminary education.


After finishing her college education, Isabel dos Santos started her life as an entrepreneur back in Angola. She later worked at Urbana 2000, where she played the role of an engineer in project management. The company had received a contract on sanitation initiative. This meant that the company would engage in cleaning and disinfecting the city. Isabel dos Santos had a role of ensuring that every activity was carried out accordingly and as planned.

Majority of her ventures are in Portugal and involve diverse activities. These include retail, finance, energy, and media. She also plays a crucial role at Lisbon’s Angolan Bank, where she is a board member. Since 2008, Isabel dos Santos has been holding interests in numerous companies in Portugal and Angola. In 2014 when she took over Portugal Telecom, Isabel dos Santos advanced her range in the telecommunications field. She bid against Altice so that she could accomplish it.


Isabel dos Santos has a good understanding of poverty, allocation of resources as well as economic development. Through this, she has engaged herself in numerous charity works focused on eliminating poverty in Africa. Some of her projects are directed towards improving the living standards of people as well as sanitation.

She has also helped in the production of media communication and a number of videos using her familiarity with media production and entertainment. This has shown her efforts in encouraging and creating more awareness. She also uses her knowledge to bring to limelight potential entrepreneurs where they gain recognition and carry on with their endeavors’.

Due to her philanthropic nature, she is consistently invited to speak at both economic and charitable events. She once spoke at the ECR Africa Summit where she made headlines. She raised her fight towards infrastructure development in Africa. She pointed out that providing internet to people all over Africa would give them a chance to compete in the universal market and advance their financial states.

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Oren Frank and Creativity

Oren Frank knows that you could be the president of a country, an organization, a non profit, you can be web developer or you can be a stay at home mom. You can be a sixth grader or 12th grader, either way, Oren Frank knows that you are likely going to need to have optimal mental health in your life.

Always remember, that there are applications such as TalkSpace that are there for you to express your concerns, to talk to someone who can help and provide you with a bit of care when you might need it the most.

In the meantime, watch your thoughts. Your thoughts add up life and can be to your benefit or to your detriment, live well by thinking well.

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They Could Have an Impact on Your Creativity

Apart from making you feel sad and breaking away your focus in exchange for meaningless theories, these thoughts could have such an impact on your mind that it could momentarily lose its sense of creativity.

It is because when your mind is so preoccupied with thoughts, whether they are of any meaning or not, your ability to concoct new and creative ideas is limited by a significant margin. You are not able to think about innovative way to do, present or execute certain things, which in turn could be quite detrimental to your work especially if it involves creative thinking as a performance indicator.

The most worrisome part of this aspect is that you are not really able to identify this problem until it becomes too troublesome and glaring to the point where it isn’t able to be missed at all. And that realization often comes in the form of a performance review, a formal notice, or an official warning to improve your game at the workplace.


The Broadcasting Star, Ryan Seacrest

Ryan John Seacrest is a man with a lot on his plate. From hosting his weekday radio shows to producing TV shows with his two production companies, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Ryan Seacrest Media (which led to the start of the TV channel AXS TV), it seems like Seacrest doesn’t have any “me time”. Ryan Seacrest is much more than the face of America’s favorite TV show, American Idol (Blogwebpedia).

He knew from an early age that Broadcasting was the career path for him. Starting in high school, Ryan Seacrest interned at a radio station in his hometown, Atlanta Georgia. He even did the announcements at Dunwoody High School. Seacrest attended the University of Georgia, Although he left before graduation. Ryan Seacrest wanted to follow his dream, thus in the 90’s he moved to Los Angeles. In 1993 he landed a gig with ESPN Sports, hosting a game show called Radical Outdoor Challenge.

Two years later he got a radio gig and started hosting the show Ryan Seacrest On The Ride Home, which lasted until 2004. In 2003, he started the show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and the very next year he got his dream job, American Top 40, which he took over hosting when Casey Kasem retired. Other than radio, and behind the scenes production of pop culture shows relating to the Kardashians and food, Seacrest has really made a mark in TV appearances where he has been a host or co-host.

He did some unsuccessful TV shows in the late 90s, including Gladiator 2000. In 2002 he got his big break. American Idol was born. Seacrest started as a co-host with Brian Dunkleman. When Brain didn’t return for the second season Seacrest took on the job by himself.

The show was on fox until 2016 then ABC picked it up in 2018. Seacrest is the must get host for any Hollywood event from the red carpet to The Million Second Quiz. He hosts Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve every year, and even hosted the Olympics in 2012. In 2017 he started hosting a show on E, Live With Kelly and Ryan. Ryan Seacrest is truly an outstanding TV personality.

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Meet Luke Lazarus, the Great Entrepreneur

New businesses have a low chance of surviving in their first five years. If you are keen with the business world, you will realize that there is a small percentage of entrepreneurs who set up company after company.

They grow them successfully into mature establishments and sell them for huge margins. The talented entrepreneurs depend on their skills and knowledge to survive. They are in the front line to help new businesspeople work through the steep learning curve that has sent many to their financial deaths.

Luke Lazarus is a well-known individual in the world of business. The Australian expert had recorded recommendable achievements right from when he was in school. Given his proven business, sports, and academic talents, Lazarus was an outstanding student in college. After graduating, he spent around ten years creating four entities.

He could sale the companies for significant sums. This led to his financial independence when he was only 35 years. He realized that his joy lied in helping others. He ended up becoming a business consultant.

Lazarus has gained a reputation for helping dozens of business make it to multimillion-dollar level. According to the serial entrepreneur, most upcoming businesspersons do not know brand messaging, high finance, and road shows. He aids new ventures in shaping their functions, messaging, and books to conform to the angel investors and capitalist requirements. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Anyone willing to join the business industry must know that there is a huge difference between what you think and realities on the business grounds. He emphasizes the importance of having enough funds and knowledge before setting up a business.

Success Shaping

Luke Lazarus uses his amassed experience to shape the companies of their clients into the operation kinds that will capture the attention of business capitalists.

He will guide you in crafting messaging to give your operations a sense of purpose. The business expert makes sure that you have a great emotional connection with your market.

About Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a popular startup consultant with a steady record spanning twenty years of successfully managing growth, building company plans, and providing insights to business managers in Australia. He graduated from Melbourne Business School. Currently, the talented individual spends most of his time with waning or new companies. He helps them identify issues that might affect its success.

Enterprises hire him to aid in business plan drafting. Lazarus will outline your product or service story to tell it to potential investors, employees, partners, and customers. Developer presentations is a role that he treats with more effort. He takes his consultancy to boardrooms for his clients to discuss the needed financial aid.

Lazarus also participates in market research where he assists his clienteles to identify customer influence points and segmented markets before opening it. Working with this great businessman is assure way of increasing your survival rate in the competitive economy.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: The R.A.W Creator

Natural environmentally safe hair care products are growing in popularity all over the world. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Global brand president for Matrix | Biolage, a US-based hair care brand, saw this as an opportunity to create his own hair care company. So, he started R.A.W, a professional hair care company committed to ensuring completely natural products through formulation, manufacturing, and packaging. L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program assisted Dan in his journey to his first US Launch.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted all of his products to be natural, effective, and highly biodegradable. The first step to achieving this goal was obtaining sustainable, fair, and traceable sources. He made sure that all materials followed the environmental-respectful principles of green chemistry. The company had a very minimalist approach to production such as using recycled plastic for the shampoo bottles. Since the launch, the products are recorded to be 70% natural and 98% biodegradable.

Due to his ambition and high standards for the quality of R.A.W products, Dan ran into a lot of challenges. Trying to obtain the most natural products comes at a great cost. In conjunction with teams in Research & Innovation and Operations, huge investments went into testing for these materials. One of the big costs came from the use of clay due to its likelihood of contamination during transportation. Time played a key factor in the process of the first launch. The official launch was delayed because of testing.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada not only wanted to spread his brand but also educate people on the natural lifestyle. To promote R.A.W products, the company created the #LiveRaw digital campaign where they created fun and educational videos showcasing R.A.W products. Dan focused on teaching professionals in the hair community about the benefits of natural products.

Once R.A.W hit the US, consumers all over the country were flocking to these natural products. The hair care brand received 90% of positive reviews along with many positive comments from consumers. The success in the United States has motivated Dan Bethelmy-Rada to spread the brand’s reach across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe.

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Has The Hands Of A Surgeon And A Heart Of Gold

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a highly trained plastic surgeon in Dallas. He is a board certified surgeon, and he sees patients at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

His expertise lies in performing cosmetic surgery on most areas of the body, including the eye area, face, nose, and breasts. He also performs hair transplants and a full range of procedures for the skin. Dr. Jejurikar is renowned for his work, and he is dedicated to helping each of his patients to the best of his ability as a physician. A cosmetic procedure is performed to help individuals reach their desired goals. He will recommend the best options to help his patient understand the entire cosmetic surgery process. Some of the surgeries may be covered by insurance, and he accepts many of the most widely used medical insurance plans.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar receives good reviews from his patients. He has been recognized by Patients’ Choice based on these positive reviews. The doctor was honored with a certificate in 2012 naming him as one of the most compassionate physicians. Dr. Jejurikar has affiliations with several Texas-based hospitals, including Pine Creek Medical Center. He is also affiliated with the Dallas Medical Center.

His desire to help those who are in need is evident in his actions. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has volunteered to travel to impoverished areas around the world to offer his skillful medical assistance. He has committed himself to help the needy children in the local Dallas community and as far-reaching as Bangladesh.

Dr. Jejurikar had his medical training at the University of Michigan, antique graduated from their medical school. He has been in the practice of cosmetic surgery for many years.

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Matt Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger is the owner and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It is the Managing Venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. Gulf Coast was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1970. The main purpose of this venture is to expand throughout the gulf coast by capitalizing on the rich domestic oil reserves within the region. Gulf Coast Western profits by seeking out opportunities with geological value, and potential for return on investment. The partnership also thrives on creating meaningful business relationships with its partners.

The successful relationships of Gulf Coast Western are demonstrated through its expansion through Southwest Louisiana. By partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Gulf Coast Western has gained access to hundreds of square miles, including numerous drilling locations and valuable geological data. Here, good decisions and meaningful relationship building has helped bolster the success of Gulf Coast Western.

While Gulf Coast Western is primarily based in the Southwest, it is looking to expand to other parts of the United States, and even throughout the world. Indeed, the company has partnerships that span the nation. Gulf Coast Western is known for its meaningful connections, ethics and integrity. This is fleshed out in its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Matt Fleeger is an experienced professional within the world of oil and gas and has served in a variety of other executive positions across multiple industries throughout his career. He earned his degree in Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Matt Fleeger also founded MedSolutions Inc. He then served as the president and CEO for 13 years. He has fostered successful relationships with other partners within the industry. Again, Matt Fleeger is considered an expert within the world of oil and gas. His expertise shines through in the success of Gulf Coast Western.

Maurcio Mendona Godoy’s Approach To Research And Productivity

Did you know that Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda is one of the best-performing companies in Brazil in terms of operations and income? Maurício Mendonça Godoy — one of the company’ executive members — believes that the last five years have been the best for this company. When he came to the company, five years ago, Godoy knew that the company needed better operations and more importantly — better policies.

Godoy is also one of the few CEOs in this niche to invest in research — on the market dynamics and how to make the company effective. Godoy understands that policies are the backbone of an effective company. In order to ensure that the company has better policies (and implements the policies in accordance with the market realities), he works with his management team.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy also understands the importance of operating under stipulated laws. Godoy is fortunate to have a better understanding of the reasons why this is critical — both to the business and to him as an executive according to He points out that operating under Brazilian laws is a gateway to a better business environment and less confrontation with state agencies.


In the last five years, he points out that the Brazilian government has restructured the business laws — to be on par with global business laws. Second, Godoy points out that operating within the stipulated laws is one of the key responsibilities of a business (and any modern company).

Godoy is one of the key industry players that is passionate about technology — especially in production. According to Maurício Mendonça Godoy, there are tons of reasons why every company in this niche should invest in technology. Some of the reasons include the following. First, he believes that technology is the gateway to effective operations. For the last nine years, he has assisted companies in adopting new technologies — and in return improving operations.

Lastly, he believes that investing in technology is the best way to improve productivity and more importantly with less production cost. In the past three companies, Maurício Mendonça Godoy was able to reduce the production cost (of the individual companies) and improve the companies’ efficiency — without overworking employees.

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Everything You Need To Know About Matt Badiali and Freedom Checks

Readers of Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits are well acquainted with Matt Badiali. The investment guru has been active for years passing out actionable investment information pretaining to the natural resource market. Most people, however, know Badiali by another name, “The Freedom Checks Guy”.

Matt Badiali’s freedom checks investment made quite the splash when it first appeared. The commercials gained notoriety not only for the way they were presented by for the questions they left behind. Here is a look at just what freedom checks are and who Badiali is.

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Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a trained geologist with a masster’s from Florida Atlantic University. He began his career putting that degree to use as a consultant for natural resource companies. Years later one of his friends turned him onto the concept of using his knowledge to make investments. So, Badiali changed careers and became an analyst helping mid-level investors make good on returns. He soon gained a solid reputation for sizable returns and caught the attention of Banyan Hill Publishing.

Today, Matt Badiali writes two newsletters for Banyan, shares a wealth of information on Facebook, and writes articles on precious metals for Medium. His advice is so good because it is taken directly from the source. Badiali actually travels to natural resource operations all over the world. He uses his knowledge to vet every part of the operation from the bottom to the top. Badiali even interviews CEOs.

Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are actually return of capital checks paid out for buying into a Master Limited Partnership. MLPs are resource companies that operate in the U.S. They sell non-controlling stakes to investors to generate working capital. This allows them the cash flow of a publicly traded company while remaining private. The companies take part in a tax benefit offered by the government to stateside oil and gas companies. All they have to do is distribute 90% of their profits to stakeholders before taxes are taken.

Badiali hit upon the perk as he has extensive knowledge of the resource market. Through his newsletters he connects investors to an MLP. All they have to do is sit back and let the profit roll in.

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