The Reason Why Norka Martinez Luque Believes in Miracles

Norka Martinez Luque has a lot to tell the people. She wants to tell us how she believes in miracles. Because of miracles, her life is full of success. She comes from a humble family in the heart of Venezuela. According to Eimilio Estefan, the young legendary musician has all it takes to become a star. She has proved to the people that she is the future of music in Venezuela and the world. Norka Luque was born with the sound of music. According to her mother. Music would make her sleep. When she was asleep, she would be woken up with the slightest hint of music. Her parents knew the secret to make her stop crying whenever she was annoyed.

When she was 8, her parents decided to take her to a music class. While undertaking her normal education, she had music lessons in the evening. She excelled at the surprise of both his parents and students. In numerous occasions, her teachers would call her a star. Her parents believed in miracles. They believed that one day she would make them happy. For Norka, music is not all about creating flamenco and playing the piano. However, it is about creating a lasting impact in the lives of your listeners to make a difference in their lives. For this reason, she has determined to create music full of hope. Norka Luque wants to turn the world into her music. As a matter of fact, she keeps practicing on a daily basis to keep up with the trend.

At a tender age, Norka made her first music production at a local competition in school. She recorded the song “Shakira Anthology” and sang other songs. According to the judges, the local competition had nothing to discuss. The people had chosen their winner. Norka was the winner. For this reason, she was awarded a music scholarship opportunity. Her parents supported her at every curse in her studies. For her to compete at these trending world, she kept teaching herself the art of piano and flamenco.

Her desire to excel in music made her come to the United States. She wanted to give the community the legendary music and continue with her music. During this time, she got the rarest opportunity to meet the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan. Emilio liked her music and extended an invitation to the studio. She perfected on vocals which were her main gift in music. Emilio brought her to the music world.

The Amazing Facets Of Lovaganza

Lovaganza is a company divided into two separate parts. The first is a franchise making films designed to have a major global impact. These films are made to support the second part of the company, the Lovaganza Foundation. This foundation operates on a strictly not for profit basis.

Immerscope is a factor in Lovaganza that allows people to watch movies, enjoy unique shows, see specialized exhibits and experience special attractions. This includes three dimensional glasses, for added enjoyment in the pavilions featuring these films. The goal is to provide new experiences and create a sense of unity among different cultures. This is a type of technology capable of combining past, present and future together as one experience.

Another aspect of Lovaganza is their incredible traveling show. This show of Lovaganza appears in eight different locations throughout the world. An animated series explores cultures all over the world, and covers their differences and similarities. This showcases the importance of the worlds people acting as one. This series is called The Marvelous Twelve. Another Lovaganza original explores many different continents, and showcases what makes all the people in the world so unique. This feature has been aptly named Walk Around The World.

The Lovaganza franchise is definitely thinking outside of the proverbial box on Vimeo. They embrace a completely different outlook and a very unique lifestyle. They immerse themselves in various cultures to learn, explore and increase their knowledge about how different people in the world live, how they act, and what they believe. They then share all of that knowledge with the world. Their coin phrase for this is to go on a bohemian adventure. They encourage people to start experiencing the world by exploration at The amazing cultures, gorgeous clothing, reading materials and beautiful music make this a trip definitely work taking. Their celebrations will really take off in 2020.

Lovaganza will launch their Hands Across The World program in 2020. This is designed to unite the many continents stretching the length of the world. This event will demonstrate millions of people all holding each others hands from all across the world. The idea is to create a chain of unity among all of the people worldwide. They have the technology to send this spectacular chain over the oceans, the deserts and even the mountains of the world. A unity machine will ensure people have the ability to connect with the other continents with the touch of a screen.

Lovaganza is plain and simple on a mission for humanity. They are striving to bring the worlds cultures and people together. They understand that with knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes acceptance. Their philosophy basically states anything is possible throughout the world if you have an open heart.