Norka Luque Defined who She is at an Early Age

Being born in Venezuela can be a challenge for people that want to pursue a musical career. The opportunities that exist in Venezuela are overshadowed by a socialist government that hinders more than helps the people. But 30-year-old, Caracas-born, Norka Luque was able to make an impression on audiences in Caracas at the age of eight. Norka was cast in a musical production that honored the music of Shakira, one of Venezuela’s musical superstars. Norka left Venezuela with her parents, and they settled in the Miami area. That’s where Norka went to school and took voice and piano lessons.

Instead of continuing her studies at a college in the United States, Norka decided to study in France. She earned a business degree as well as degrees in fashion and the culinary arts there. Norka also became the lead singer in s rock band while she studied. The band, Bad Moon Rising, played at local clubs and Norka developed a loyal following. After graduation, she was hired by a financial institution in Monte Carlo. Luque worked for about a year, and in 2007 she decided to come back to the states.

Norka redefined who she was when she returned to Miami. Her fashion training and her voice were the tools she needed to land a job singing in Miami. It didn’t take long for people to notice Norka’s talent. The Grammy-award winning producer Emilio Estefan thought her incredible voice was unique, and he thought her sense of fashion put her in a rare league. Estefan signed Norka to a recording contract, and she was on her way to stardom. But breaking into the mainstream music scene is not easy, even though her first single was a hit in the Latino music world. Her second single, Milagro, was another hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American countries, and the song even caught the attention of the mainstream music lovers. Norka’s 2016 release, Tomorrowland, is another crossover hit. Norka is becoming a recognized name in the music world.

The road to stardom is filled bumps and bruises, but Norka is traveling down that road with the tools she needs to become one of the greats in music.  She appreciates all she has been given, and that appreciation is what defines her as a person.

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