Iskandar Safa- Pioneer of Privinvest Shipbuilding Industry

Iskandar Safa is the CEO of the world’s renowned shipbuilding industry and is famous due to his excellent skills. An engineer by profession, Iskandar Safa has achieved a big mark in the field of civil engineering. He chose the shipbuilding industry out of his interest in the field of civil engineering and handled it quite well. The company that he dealt in was named Privinvest which needs little descriptions also.

It is important to mention that Iskandar Safa has been an avid worker who used to take great interest in shipbuilding. However, Privinvest has been his one-stop business place to deal with all form of shipbuilding. This company is based in Lebanon and it has been dealing with various navy armed forces.

It has been a provider of ships for various national armies and it also offers its ships for some commercial purposes too. Moreover, Iskandar Safa has been managing it quite well and it has shipped almost 2000 ships which is a sane proof of the company’s success.

Privinvest has also been dealing with affiliate marketing which is an important area of marketing. The company has spent a lot of time in building strong ships which is proof of its concern with professionalism. The company is interested in keeping it record clean and for this purpose, they try to construct strong equipment. They are serving armies of various countries which is why they have to pay extra attention to their details. They try to manufacture products which are a proof of their strength and extra craftsmanship. For these reasons, Privinvest is trying to establish itself further. See This Page for more information.

Talking about its CEO, he actually worked for some firm by name of Saudi King and later shifted to making his own company. Due to his strong interest in this field, he has achieved a lot since the time he joined this field. However, he is now helping the people in the defense field and he is trying to provide them excellent ships. It is important to mention that he has worked day and night to take his company to higher levels. Due to his strong dedication, he is considered a reliable name in the shipbuilding industry. Go To This Page for additional information.


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Sheldon Lavin Has a Brilliant Career

One of the people to rise to the top of the food production industry has been Sheldon Lavin. He has always been a man of honor who has done right by his investors and his employees alike. This is one of the main reasons why he has been able to stay around for so long in an industry that does not boast longevity for executives. He has always stayed true to his word and lives life by a code. The people who deal with him have an enormous amount of respect for him. This is the way that it has been since day one.

Sheldon Lavin got into this business in a very unconventional way. He was doing accounting for many years. His main job was to help people to get financing for their small businesses. He was doing this for a long time after graduating college. However, a big moment in his life happened when he met a man who was running his own factory that processed meat. Sheldon was very interested in how the business worked. He believed that there was a lot of money to be made if the company had the right financial backing and leadership. See more on Wikipedia.

Years later, Sheldon Lavin decided to be the one to lead the meat production company that he had taken an interest in before. He paid for a controlling interest in the company. This turned out to be a very wise decision on his part. He started by giving the company a new name. He called it the OSI Group. He then began to create plans that would have the company opening several new facilities out in the western part of the United States. This was a strategy that Sheldon devised because there were not many plants that were processing meat in that part of the country.

Sheldon Lavin rolled the dice and won. His gamble of expanding the OSI Group to the western United States could not have worked out better. It showed that he had a gift for business. He has continued to prove that over the past several decades.


How Betterworks Improves a Company’s Culture

Diane Strohfus works in human resources technology, but she started her career in finance. Over the years, she began to move in another direction. Her background in finance made it easy for her to step into human resources because she began her new career as a headhunter placing people in financial positions. From there, she made her way to a technology company where she finally ended up in the human resources department.

When asked what made her move to Betterworks, Ms. Strohfus explained that she eventually became an HR business partner at her last technology company. Her focus was companies in transition that needed to transform their organizations, and she started by tweaking the companies’ mission and vision. Then, she moved on to helping these companies set their goals and make sure that all departments were moving in the same direction.

Betterworks is a company that helps businesses become more productive than they currently are, so she was extremely happy to continue her work in this area with this company.

Betterworks helps its clients realize the following three goals:

  • Employees must feel a connection between their jobs and the goals of the business.
  • Managers must be involved with their employees’ careers and skill development.
  • The company must make an effort to give employees feedback on the company’s goals and their professional development.

Betterworks offers companies a Continuous Performance Management® solution that makes it easy for employees to create key results and objectives and then link those results and objectives to the company’s goals.

Jason Colodne: Managing Partner And Small Time Executive Producer

It’s not often that a financial executive gets involved in film, but Jason Colodne has played his part as an executive director for five different films in Hollywood, including Act of Valor, Paranoia, Brick Mansions, Earth to Echo, and Beyond the Lights. He has helped in the production of various other minor films as well, and he hopes to continue his producing career alongside his work at Colbeck Capital, where he currently maintains a position as managing partner.

Jason Colodne is responsible for co-founding Colbeck Capital back in 2009 alongside Jason Beckman. Under his current position, Jason oversees pretty much all of the company’s executions when it comes to investments and portfolio management. He is also the senior transaction partner responsible for managing documentation. See more at

The Early Years Of Jason Colodne

Before getting started on his professional career, Jason Colodne studied in finances and history at the University of Pennsylvania, eventually earning his degree in 1994. Within three years, Jason managed to find a position at Goldman Sachs, a prestigious multinational investment bank headquartered in New York City. He was quick to take on higher responsibilities within the company, and within his first year, he became the Head of Distressed Research, Investing, and Hybrid Lending.

The seven years Jason spent at Goldman were good to him, offering him many opportunities and a boosted reputation in the financial industry. In 2004, Jason left Goldman Sachs to join with another well known financial institution in the United States, Morgan Stanley. After three years as the Director of Strategic Finances, Jason Colodne was convinced with his capabilities as a financial expert and executive and decided to found a venture of his own in 2008, Colbeck Capital.

Jason’s Film Production’s And Upstanding Work In The Community

Along with the professional duties that Jason Colodne has committed himself to, he has made a commitment to the community as a leader and a mentor. He currently maintains an active board member position at the Centurion Foundation in New York, which is responsible for helping the police force better connect with the people they represent and protect through community initiatives. He also acts as a mentor for young adults as a member of the Young Professionals Organization.

Films and their production was always an interesting topic for Jason, and as he rose up the ranks in the business world, he was able to test himself by easing his way into producing positions. In 2012, Jason Colodne was able to take on the role of executive producer for a major motion film, Act of Valor, which tells the story of an elite Navy SEAL team on a secret mission to recover a captured CIA operative. The films opening weekend saw sales reach more than double the total budget of the film, marking it as a success right away.

This first success as an executive producer, on a major film no less, opened up the door to several more films over the next few years which included actors like Gary Oldman and Amber Heard. Jason’s last executive production was in 2014, but he still has plans to produce more films as his professional career develops. See More:

How to Make Use of Expert Michael Nierenberg

There are so many reasons to consider giving Michael Nierenberg a try for all of your investment needs. The beauty about choosing Michael Nierenberg is that he has the experience and dedication behind him to ensure that you are getting the most out of this process. You will enjoy being able to make use of an expert like this who is able to quickly and easily make the most out of this process. You will love the investment work that Michael Nierenberg is able to do for you.

With so many people wanting and needing to make use of Michael Nierenberg, it is a good idea to utilize this as an option for yourself. You can feel confident in what Michael Nierenberg is doing for his clients and is working with them for the best investments that can be done. You will want to check out his many social media accounts and see why and how he is able to help you. This is an expert who is able to effortlessly make use of this as a great choice in what he can do for you. You will enjoy the work that he does for you and helps in all that can be done.

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Marc Beer Discusses What It’s Like Being An Entrepreneur

Being a successful businessman and entrepreneur is never an easy feat but Marc Beer makes it look rather simple and easy. So you may be wondering how he’s managed to become so successful in his field. Well, the 58-year-old businessman and entrepreneur recently had a chat to discuss how he obtained so much success over his three decades in the business industry. He always knew he
wanted to be a businessman when he grew up so it came as no surprise when he majored in business while in college at Miami University. After graduating with a business degree in the spring of 1987, he decided to accept the first job offer he received which was to work in the sales training department of a company called Abbott. He stayed with the company for six years.
He then moved on to another business known as Biostar Inc where he worked in their marketing department and helped them with their advertising campaigns. After two years with them, he then became the global marketing vice president at a business known as Genzyme in the fall of 1996. He excelled in this role for nearly half a decade before making the conscious decision to start his own company in May of 2000 around the Cambridge area of Massachusetts. The primary goal of the company is to analyze the blood stem cells from some of the umbilical cords they acquired in an effort to uncover possible vaccines and cures for a wide variety of conditions. Learn more:
The company had widespread success throughout its seven-year tenure, acquiring a massive workforce and going public in 2005 but it wasn’t long before they were forced to sell the company for undisclosed reasons. After making a massive profit from the sale, he had to return to family life to deal with the tragic loss of his wife who had suffered a pulmonary embolism at the age of 42. It
wasn’t long before he was packing lunches, dropping his three kids off at school and attending PTA meetings but his daughter soon made him realize how imperative it was for him to return to the business world so he can continue giving back to the community at large. This is what led to the brainchild known as Renovia, a company dedicated to researching and developing medical products for patients with a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.
Despite being a fairly new business, the company has already had widespread success, recently receiving a significant amount of money in the form of a grant to help fund their ongoing research. They have also recently had their first product approved by the FDA to help them continue giving back and helping people.

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Reasons Behind Toyo Setal Massive Success

Toyo Setal is a global company that has achieved a lot of success over the years. Since it was founded in 2012, the company has seen massive growth in the international market. The company is involved in complex projects like engineering construction commissioning and procurement. The company has major segments like fertilizer distribution, petrochemicals, oil and gas supply, infrastructure development among others. Below are some of the key elements that have made the company successful. Learn more about the organizations of Toyo-Setal at

Corporate image

Toyo Setal has a corporate communication that ensures the company image is well protected. It plans and strategies on the best way to improve the company image with good exposure and deals with threats that may ruin the brand’s image.

The corporate communication also ensures that the companies culture and set values well adhere to both internally and externally. It also ensures that all processes are according to the customer’s needs and follow the set guidelines.

Community relationship

Toyo Setal always considers the community that it is based in. it respects the human diversity in the region and ensures that projects that benefit the locals are developed.

The internal professionals are well trained on environmental and social issues while it sets up local schools for the external publics.

All plans are well analyzed to ensure that they don’t impact the environment and the local community.

Employee management

Toyo Setal has qualified and experienced professionals working in their different segments. The company involves the professionals in the companies values which ensures that they are committed to achieving customer satisfaction, respect human rights and comply with all the set regulations.

The company is committed to ensuring that its employees are well trained and developed to develop their skills and increase their knowledge.

The training is mainly focused on technical and behavioural issues. Behavioural issues are how to behave in an organization and technical training involves how to use equipment, tools, and software.

Customer satisfaction

Toyo Setal puts the customer’s needs first. They are determined to deliver excellent and quality work and meet the expected deadline. Every client’s needs are well-considered and acted along.

These elements are some reasons why the company has seen global recognization and achieved more success.



Nespresso Uses to Make the World a Better Place

Nespresso are the latest in a long list of companies that is using’s enormous infrastructure to help with its environmental responsibilities. has a long history with its own environmental campaign.

For years the company has worked to make sure it reduces waste and pollution. has made many changes to the way in which it processes and packages and delivers the billions of items it sells. has been an industry leader when it comes to how it packages it items. has changed everything from how much tape it uses on packages to the type of green boxes that it uses.

The delivery process has also been revolutionized. uses drones and electric cars to make deliveries, and it is using hydrogen powered trucks to make the last mile of every journey carbon free.

It is with all of that in mind that the coffee company Nespresso partnered with The Chinese drink million of cups of coffee, and when they use Nespresso they are also using millions of capsules. has introduced a way to recycle those coffee pods. The recycling program had been available to certain companies but now any customer can have their used pods picked up from their house. will then transport those pods to a recycling plant. There are three based in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Once the pods are at the plant, they will be recycled into various products that can be used. Even the old coffee grains that are left in the pod are turned into fertilizer.

That fertilizer is used at Nespresso’s eco-farm on Chongming Island, by the Yangtze River near Shanghai. Alfonso Troisi, Business Executive Officer Greater China of Nespresso said that he is proud to be making a difference and to be working with the world’s largest e-retailer to make the world a better place.


Grupo RBS Launches its Publicly-Collaborative “We Live Together” Campaign

Grupo RBS has launched its new media campaign in April of 2019, with the motto “Grupo RBS. We live together.” The promoting film, created by Competence, was accompanied by the song “A Gente Vive Junto (The People Live Together)”, by Lulu Santos.


Duda Melzer Creative Director, “The company is certainly engaged with the public, and it seemed logical to create a campaign together.” Grupo RBS and Competence will present a video editing platform, open to the public, which permits over 59 billion combinations. The contributions most popular with the public will form the final version of the official film.


The campaign finally going live is the fruit of years working on the project, says Duda Melzer, CEO of Grupo RBS. The purpose of its current release is to set the stage for the company’s image perception during changes geared toward presenting itself as a business partner and contender for business integration. Prior to the release, Grupo RBS held focus groups with employees as well as partners and suppliers. Toigo met personally with as many as 400 employees, after which he selected 20 leads to conduct workshops of their own of around 15 people each.


The concepts Grupo RBS wants to convey are accessibility, courage, plurality and excellence. Toigo emphasizes the necessity for consistency in the brand, particularly in terms of the concept of life. In this endeavor, much of 2018 was devoted to bringing the company’s attributes to light and encouraging its team to recognize those attributes that most created a connection with Grupo RBS. This has resulted in the campaign’s current collaborative form, which, in like fashion, promotes airing Grupo RBS’s qualities while calling on the people of Rio Grande do Sul to put together their own video takes and share their favorite scenes. Toigo points out that the people will build the film they want. The final version that will go on air will consist of the scenes with the most votes and will show the many ways of seeing and participating.

The Amazing Story of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is one of the richest men in India. Interestingly, he comes from a humble background and had to work way to the top. His story began back in India. Gupta was born on the 4th of July in 1946 at Rampur Manhyaran. At the time, the village didn’t have most of the necessities. Gupta grew up at a place that had no electricity or technology.

Despite his humble beginnings, Vinod Gupta finished high school and enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, where he studied agricultural engineering. While studying at IIT, Gupta met a visiting professor, Dr. Bill Splinter, from the University of Nebraska. Splinter recommended him for an engineering program at the University of Nebraska.

Gupta’s family did the best that they could and got him a plane ticket. His journey abroad would change his life for the better. Vinod Gupta didn’t waste his opportunity at the University of Nebraska. After finishing undergraduate studies, he enrolled for an MBA.

He was lucky enough to get a job after graduation. He was employed as a market research analyst at the Commodore Corporation. He got his first big break when his boss asked him for a list of all mobile home dealerships in America. Being the hard worker that he is, Vinod Gupta created the list at a time when there was no internet. He gave the boss the option of buying the entire list from him, but the firm turned down the offer.

He sold the list to other manufacturers of mobile homes and got a lot of interested buyers. Thus, InfoUSA, his first company, was born. He later sold the company for $680 million in 2010. After selling his first business, Gupta launched the Everest Group, which deals in venture capital.

Today, Gupta continues being the managing director of Everest Group and donating to numerous charitable causes in India and America. He believes that if you are blessed with something, you have to do your part and help those in need.

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