Gino Pozzo: Making A Winning Team


Having the right chemistry when it comes to owning a team is critical. This is how you can turn them around from losing to winning. It takes hard work and dedication to know which players should be traded and which ones to keep. You also need to be the type person that is approachable. Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Waterford Club in England and understands this all too well. He has a keen eye for the right players and has successfully turned his team around for the better. That is why they are now in the Premier League.

The Pozzo family actually owns two teams. Gino’s father owns the Udinese Club. Right now these are the two best teams in the football club. Both men have a knack for taking teams that no one sees as coachable and turn them into winners. There is a lot that goes into doing this. Primarily most owners stay in the office to do paperwork, not Pozzo. He is out on the field with the players as they begin their day of training. He interacts with them and is looking at how they do on the field. He has found a head to coach to help the team succeed. Pozzo is committed to the success of the team and it has paid off.

The fan base for the Waterford Football Club is very loyal and that’s a good thing. There is always room for more fans as the team gets better and better. Pozzo did a great job with the players with his hands-on approach. They are a winning team along with the Udinese. They are two of the most dominant teams in the sport of England’s football. Pozzo has really outdone himself and continues on with the greatness.

James Dondero And His Philanthropic Achievements In Dallas

As the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is no doubt an experienced veteran in the field. The company, which was founded in 1993, is a collateralized loan obligation manager in the US. Dondero is also known as the CEO of HCM Acquisition company and the President of NexBank. As an executive officer, Dondero’s experience of over 30 years in the field serves as one of his great assets on the industry. Visit to know more about him.

Before founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was a chief investment officer at Protective Life GIC. In addition, he was the manager of fixed income funds from American Express. He also completed the financial training program which was offered at J Morgan at that time. Dondero got his degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia.

Although James Dondero got a lot of responsibility in his hands, he always makes sure that he has the time to give back to the community by doing philanthropic deeds. Dondero specifically helps the people in the Dallas community. As a philanthropist, Dondero makes sure that the projects he will partake will benefit the community and its people or generations to come.


One of James Dondero’s philanthropic deeds is donating $1 million as help in rebuilding the hippo habitat in the Dallas Zoo. In 2001, the said habitat was closed when because of the death of an elderly hippo. With Dondero’s donation, as well as the donation from another philanthropist, the hippo habitat was successfully rebuilt for a total of $13 million. Because of this donation, the Dallas Zoo named a zoo after Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero makes sure that victims of domestic violence can have a place that they call their home. Because of this vision, he supports an institution called the Family Place. Other additional institutions that receive help from Dondero includes The Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum of nature, and Symphony. He helps these organizations by via Highland Capital Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of his company. He also donated to the Bush Center to help the institution facilitate free Engage Series lectures for the community. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

The RealReal, A Real Choice For Buyers Of Luxury Clothing And Jewelry

Consignment shopping is nothing new in a market where buyers are becoming more aware of the cost of consumption to our planet. Regardless, women and men still want beautiful pieces they can fill their closets with. The RealReal, an online shopping experience for consigned luxury apparel and jewelry seamlessly combines both needs for savvy high fashion shoppers and those who wish to consign high-end fashion.

The RealReal has been so successful with its online sales that they have opened 3 stores in New York City. They have garnered trust from the buying community by hiring expert gemologists and horologists who substantiate the authenticity of The RealReal’s designer merchandise.

This generation knows you don’t have to pay an over the top price to have the best. The resale of stunning, like-new designer goods from Gucci and Cartier, at a smaller price, takes the “elite” of the brand out of the recipe for success.

The opportunities to not only buy, but also selling on The RealReal is a primary goal for the company. It ensures the business maintains and grows its clientele. Because of the accessibility of high – end goods, Millennials are just as willing to let go of a great piece as they are to buy one, therefore continuing the cycle of creating more choices for buyers and opportunity for sellers. View More Information Here.

In June, Real’s continued its journey to success by selling its stock on the Nasdaq market. Shares opened at $20 in the morning and by the afternoon had increased by 40%. The success The RealReal has found by going public with its shares is a rising trend among similar businesses. Pro4ma, a retail analytics company is currently testing this market to see if it is sustainable. However, with revenue growth of 50% last year, the company’s founder and executive in chief, Julie Wainwright has proven the desire for markets like The RealReals is real.

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Talkspace – Ditch the Stigma and Get the Help You Need

Mental health issues should not be taken lightly, and as soon as you feel that there are symptoms of mental health issues persisting for a long time, consult with a professional therapist without delaying any further. It would help in controlling the mental health problems from growing any further. Like any other health issues, mental health problems have the tendency to grow at a rapid pace when left unchecked for a long time. Most of the middle-aged people are so busy with their lives that they hardly realize that they are suffering from stress disorders or even problems like depression and anxiety. Many relationships can also be saved if they take help of a professional therapist at the right time.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

More often than not, consulting with a therapist in detail about the way you feel and the problems you are facing can help in venting out your negative feelings. It helps in finding a solution to your issues that would give relief to your mental health. As difficult as it may seem to go through the process of consulting with a therapist, it is the right thing to do. Talkspace makes it easier for you to go through the process of therapy by giving you access to a professional therapist from your phone itself. There is absolutely no need to go anywhere or spend piles of money for therapy sessions as Talkspace doesn’t charge hefty fees for therapy and offers therapy via email, text, and voice calls.

Talkspace has stirred a revolution in the field of mental health therapy through the features, flexibility, and affordability it offers to the people when it comes to mental health therapy. With the increase in awareness about online therapy, more people are coming forward to seek help and are less afraid of the stigma attached to it.

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In-depth with Renowned writer Ted Bauman

In 2013 Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing company to spread his knowledge of the world further. Mr.Bauman brings a plethora of experience from his many years working in the non-profit sector. Although born in the U.S, Ted Bauman would be live most of his adult life in South Africa where he would earn a degree in Economics and History. This allowed Mr.Bauman to create an astonishing 25-year career of connecting people all over the world to resources that allowed them to live a fruitful and free life. We recently sat down with Ted Bauman do discuss his current occupation and thoughts on the present world economy.

Follow his progress, visit: crunchbase to learn more.

How are you able to bring your ideas to life?

Ted Bauman states that as a writer, it is his job to engage the reader and make them wanting more. This often involves the use of all his writing skills to make even the most mundane topics such as asset protection interesting and reliable to the reader. Adding these real-life examples to his writings gives the readers a reason to care and a reason to come back for more.

What current trend has really caught your attention?

The growing tendency by people to question the nature of our economy, says Mr. Bauman. He adds that this isn’t solely seen within the United States but by people all over the world. They are now asking if bending over backward for a corporation is truly the best thing for the taxpayer and the future of their respective countries economy.

What habit of yours has contributed the most to your success?

Mr.Bauman states that he tends to wake up very early as this is the time of the day that he is most productive. Time management has become a focal aspect of his career, and although he doesn’t think of himself as the best time manager, he does guard this time very carefully. Resisting to do anything else in the morning is the most important thing I can do to stay productive, says Ted Bauman.

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Steve Lesnard Talks Simplicity In Digital Marketing

While marketing has changed a lot over the years, it has always been an important part of business throughout the world. It’s important to be able to get your products in front of the people who might want to purchase them and Steve Lesnard has helped do this successfully for some very large brands. While technology has offered a lot of new ways for companies to get their products in front of customers, Steve Lesnard knows just how important it is to get it right. Advertising on social media and other digital formats is may have a lot of similarities to traditional types of marketing, but there is some important difference that needs to be kept in mind to make sure that your campaign is as successful as possible.

While technology may be complicated, Steve Lesnard doesn’t believe that advertising should be when it comes to digital media. In fact, it’s important to keep it as simple possible when you are trying to get your message across to your potential consumers. The world is moving faster than ever and this includes the internet. You only have a fraction of a second to get the attention of your potential customers as they are scrolling along their timeline and it’s important to make sure that you are able to get your message across before it’s no longer on their screen. Keep it simple to catch and keep their attention.

One company that Steve Lesnard points out is great at using simplicity to get their message across is Apple. While their products may be complicated on a technological basis, their marketing campaigns have always stuck with one simple idea that they worked to get across to their potential customers. After they were able to catch their attention by sharing one main feature, they were then able to inform them of the rest of the benefits that their products like iPhones and Apple watches could provide to their lives. While you may want to be able to tell your audience everything about your brand all at once, this isn’t the best method when it comes to digital marketing.

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The Star of Nitin Khanna Shining Brighter Every Day

Nitin Khanna possesses business acumen, which is the envy of many. He continues to inspire others around the globe in a way that no other person has done in recent times. He has beaten all odds to become a respectable person both at home and in the world. The firm he founded assists companies in capitalizing.

Nitin Khanna pursued further education at the Purdue University where he graduated with a masters degree in industrial engineering. After University he was employed for a while but then decided it was not enough and launched his career in business with a debut tech company which he named Saber Corp. This was driven by the desire and the fire in Nitin Khanna to become the largest stand-alone firm of its kind.

From a job seeker, he had become the job itself. Saber Corp had an employee headcount of 1200 people with revenue counted in the millions of dollars. Nitin Khanna had a big dream bigger probably than even Saber Corp itself because 11 years later he moved on and founded his next company MergerTech. This is a small bank based out of Portland which provides M&A bits of advice.

Interestingly Nitin Khanna comes out as a lover of wines and movies quite unexpectedly. Why Nitin Khanna has expressed his passion for the arts by producing two great movies which have even been feted on many occasions with various awards. Additionally, he has made his own world-class wines which are in the market already and doing well.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and came to the United States for higher education as a young man. His brother, who joined him soon after from India was with him when they decided to start Saber Corp. Nitin Khanna loves music and is a professional DJ. This happened at Burning Man, where he had been invited to go with some friends. At that time Nitin Khanna had never seen or heard a DJ play, but when he went to Burning Man and saw one in action, he was so impressed that he decided to become one and he did.

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Accomplishments of Stratford Shields in the Finance and Banking Industry

Stratford Shields has over 20 years of experience working in the investment banking and municipal finance industries in the State of Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University and Columbia University and holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in political science. Early in his career, he led the mission for creating a voluntary ban involving securities firms which prohibited financial contributions for bond ballot elections. Shields worked for various companies and entities including Ohio Office of Management and Budget, the State Controlling Board, and Morgan Stanley.

What drove Stratford Shields to become an entrepreneur is his accomplishments while working for government agencies and organizations including the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association. He is serving as the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets in the Public Finance Investment Banking Division, a firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. Prior to Loop Capital, Stratford held many executive positions as Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Chairman, Deputy Director, and President. His greatest accomplishment which inspired him to start his own business was at Morgan Stanley where he served as the Head of Public Finance.

While Stratford Shields is at Morgan Stanley, he received hands-on experience working beside the chief financial officer of Ohio State University. With the help of the CFO, he accomplished raising over $480 million for the university’s operations and its endowment. LAZ/QIC gave the school the payment upfront in 2012. It went towards advancement of the institution, research, and scholarships for the students.

Throughout the career of Stratford Shields, he led over $30 billion in transactions for cities, universities, states, governmental agencies, and water & sewer businesses. When he worked on the transaction with Ohio State University, he received recognition for his contribution as the “Deal of the Year”. This deal is the inspiration behind Shields serving as Managing Director of Loop Capital Markets and his entrepreneurship endeavor.

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Betterworks: How to Maximize Performance at the Workplace

Maximizing the performance inside the workplace is important to reach success. Everyone who has been working with different people knows that they should be showing their strengths, and they need to show off how they can maximize their performance so that they can reach their full potential. There are three basic ways on how the maximum potential of an individual can be unlocked, and these are the following – implementing the performance process that allows someone to look forward, helping the managers to become better, and highlighting the purpose of each employee.

At the workplace, it is important to create a performance review process that would highlight how an individual changes over time. This would be beneficial especially if someone is targeting a promotion within the company, or if they wanted to impress their higher-ups. Performance process would allow someone to identify where they should improve, and how they will be able to do it by focusing on their weaknesses and paying attention to their strengths later on.

Another way on how Betterworks maximize the performance inside the workplace is by letting the managers become better. The employees should help out their managers and do what they have to do to make them happy. Working together with the manager will create a bond that can be beneficial later on.

Finally, the employees should be given importance inside the workplace to attain their maximum potential. Highlight their purpose, and explain why they are working inside the company to give them a nice picture of how important they are and why they should perform well.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Helping Organize Your Assets

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors are dedicated to getting you ready to plan your estate out for the rest of your life. HCR Wealth Advisors help people plan out how their assets will be spent, where and how it will get saved away, and how their assets will get distributed when the day comes that they are no longer able to take care of their assets or after they pass away. The goal that HCR Wealth works toward when helping you plan out your estate is making sure your assets are squared away neatly as quickly as possible and in the most tax-efficient manner as possible. Doing this kind of planning can be difficult as it causes a person to think about what they want to be done with their things after they die, but it is vitally important to take time to plan for these things so that it is one less thing for your family to worry about in the event of your death. There are a few documents that you will need to work on to properly take care of when making your estate plan and HCR Wealth Advisors are here to walk you through every part of it.

Write your will

You need to have a will so that you can have what you want to be done with your assets written down on paper in the case of your death. The will also include what you want to happen to your children if you and their other parent pass away so you know they are going to be taken care of. When making a will, you want to pick out a primary and a secondary representative who will be in charge of making sure your will is carried out properly.

Power of attorney for finances

This document grants one person to make the financial decisions for you in case you become incapacitated. This document will give the person the power to act in your best interest and take care of you and your assets as best as they can.

Health care directive

HCR Wealth Advisors will help clients write this living will which will give a person the power to make the decision for how your health care should go if you can’t make that decision. For example, they will follow out your wishes if you want feeding tubes, life support, etc.

It is important to start this process sooner rather than later and begin at least writing a draft so that you can ensure your assets, health, and finances are squared away and organized.

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