Africa’s Richest Woman Isabel dos Santos

Born on 20th April 1973, Isabel dos Santos is the chairperson at the Unitel, Angola’s leading mobile operator, and the richest woman in Africa. She is the eldest child of José Eduardo dos Santos, who is a former president of Angola.

Isabel dos Santos believes in talent and invests in empowering the next generation of leaders. Her priority is in developing Africa and especially her country, Angola. She thinks empowering women economically is vital in enabling their rights and in the end transforming the society. In 2013, her net-worth according to Forbes was over $ 2 billion. In November 2015, she appeared in the BBC top 100 most influential women in the world.

Isabel dos Santos at the European Parliament

Isabel dos Santos recently spoke at the European Parliament concerning the evolving skill in Africa and the significance of diversifying the economy through technological development and growth of areas such as Finance and Farming.

She mentioned that for Africa to stay competitive, people have to get an education on the use of technology. Isabel dos Santos was speaking at the section dedicated to “Africa and Evolving Technology”. In the Africa Summit 2019 purposed to improving the cooperation and relationship between African Nations and the European Union. According to Isabel dos Santos, the digital revolution will follow the mobile revolution in Africa. Most sales and transactions will be through e-commerce, and more Africans will own bank accounts thanks to digital banking.

Isabel is a billionaire businesswoman who mentioned that the safe, comfortable, and affordable transport in African cities was still a significant challenge due to the high population growth and megacities. Technology and urban planning are necessary for building cities that have quality public transports, reduce costs of living, and manage environmental resources more efficiently.

Isabel dos Santos pointed out the need to use agricultural technology to make Africa competitive in agriculture. For Africa to develop technologically, the continent has to be appealing to retain young talent. This can be done through the steadiness and continuity of the lawful background in attracting investments and job creation.

Quality education, innovation, and technology will help the continent grow and close the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s key factors to success.

Bhanu Choudhrie a successful businessman was recently interviewed in an online publication entitled- This is Money.UK. Bhanu Choudhrie is a successful Indian millionaire who graduated from the University of Boston. He later moved to London, and since then served as executive director of C&C Alpha Group. He obtained this position in 2001. During his interview with This is Money.UK, he gave incentives and advice about his platform of success. His business and marketing experience first started as an intern in 1999 at JP Morgan. Since then he was able to build his business portfolio and successfully made a name for himself. Check out this link
In 2008, he won the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He obtained this through hard work and his strong networking abilities. The key to his success was his main insight for business and multiple investment strategies. The best advice Bhanu Choudhrie is to invest in multiple industries. His company C&C Alpha Group is a family run company that has shares and investments in the real estate market, hospitality, tourism, and health care. The main aspect he enjoys about running a company that facilitates investment in multiple industries is meeting people. He enjoys meeting with people and sharing business ideas and success stories.
Bhanu Choudhrie has a track record of being a calculated risk taker who invests in multiple industries. Back in 2003, he invested in Air Deccan, an at risk airline company. In 2008, he was able to bring the company up to standard and successfully raised the company’s marketing potential. He sold the company to Kingfisher in 2008, and by that time the airline was flying seven million passengers and had 200 flights daily.
Currently Bhanu Choudhrie serves as a board member of New Century Bank in the US. At first he wasn’t sure it would be a good investment, because of the situation his great grandfather faced when he operated Punjab Bank. However, after mediating over the idea he decided to take a risk and give the opportunity a try. So instead of taking a chance with big banks, he partnered with Jay Sidhu to assist with the operations of New Century Bank. He is pleased with the investment because it gave him the opportunity get back into community banking.
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Michael Nierenberg Investments and Career Experiences

Michael Nierenberg is a prominent leader and investor with more than one decade of experience in various fields including providing financial services, as well as investment alternatives to the upcoming investors saving their time and resources to research the gaps in the market. Michael Nierenberge has worked for several companies serving multiple roles and gaining experience.

Some of the companies he has helped in include Bear Stearns where he made significant contributions in building the company several adjustable mortgage businesses for future smooth running of the company he had also signed as a member of the board of directors hence made significant decisions for the company. In Bear Stearns, he made changes in the interest rate policies as well as foreign exchange field changing the trading operations to be more effective. Later Mr. Nierenberg worked for seven years at the Lehman Brothers company where he served in the top executive ranks providing his insight in business.

Michael Nierenberg was employed as the head of global market products at JP Morgan, and at the same time, he was a member of the investment bank where he gained skills in global investment. Later he joined the Bank of America based in Merrill Lynch where he was given the mandate to coordinate sales and various trading operations within the division he was allocated. He was hardworking thus made significant contributions to the bank. Currently, Michael Nierenberg serves as the managing director of Fortress Investment Group playing the substantial role in foreseeing various projects related to residential and commercial areas constructions.

In 2016, Michael Nierenberg was promoted to the rank of CEO, chairman for the board of directors as well as the Principal of New Residential Investment company which is under the management of Fortress company. New Residential Investment Corporation was founded with the aim of investing and managing several mortgage-related assets in the United States. With Nierenberg as the head of the company, there is smooth running; he has ensured that all employees are inspired and devoted to providing consumer loans Segments, residential securities, Originations among other services to all their clients.

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The story of Guilherme Paulus

Entrepreneurship in Brazil is very hard, and most people in the country can admit to that. This did not stop Guilherme Paulus. Paulus seized the opportunity when he saw a chance coming, and he became the owner of a leading company in tourism and accommodation in Brazil. Mr. Guilherme is a firm believer in listening and giving advice and always encourages people who want to succeed that they need to look to other successful people.

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian native that was born in Sao Paulo back in the year 1949. At the moment he had become a very successful businessperson all thanks to the dreams and the vision that he nurtured from when he was a kid. In his youth,Guilherme Paulus pursued a degree in business administration. Back when he was at the age of 24, Mr. Paulus met with a government official who had the intention of expanding tourism to Brazil.

Paulus paid attention to the business idea but had a problem since he did not have the capital to start the business. Mr. Cerchiari, the local government officer, offered an investment deal to form a company CVC whereby Paulus would be the man in charge of the day to day operations of the company.

Mr. Paulus success resulted from a lot of dedication to his work. They set up the first CVC outlet near cinemas which used to attract a lot of moviegoers. After people left the cinemas, they had the vision and a picture of the adventures the company had planned to reach.Guilherme Paulus and CVC were unstoppable. They continued to work and opened more stores in large retail malls which significantly contributed to increasing the traffic for the company.

CVC continued to grow, and more opportunities continued to open up for Mr. Guilherme. In the year 2005, he invested about 600 million dollars while starting a new venture which was known as GJP hotels and results in Brazil. In the current age, the company has grown, and it has more than 3000 rooms in about 14 hotels. GJP has been able to employ 5000 workers in Brazil. O hotel butique de Guilherme Paulus

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Dr. Saad Saad Offers Life Lessons to Everyone Who Want to Enter the Medical Industry

Dr. Saad Saad is a reputed pediatric surgeon based in the United States currently, and in his career spanning over three decades, he has achieved a lot and even won many awards. Dr. Saad Saad is presently living a retired life in New Jersey, United States.

He was born in Palestine and then moved to Kuwait along with his family, where he completed his primary education. In the late 1940s, the middle-east was going through a political and social transformation due to the creation of the state of Israel, and it forced his family to move to the West Bank.

As his father was a petroleum mechanic, relocating to Kuwait was a good decision, but it didn’t change much for them in economic terms. However, parents of Dr. Saad Saad made him understand well that to get out of that situation, education is the key.

Dr. Saad Saad joined Cairo University in Egypt after completing his school education in Kuwait. Completing medical studies at Cairo University opened the door to many new opportunities that helped him get out of their miserable situation and life.

He took an exam in Lebanon after completing his graduation in medicine, and it helped him get entry to the United States as a medical practitioner. After Dr. Saad Saad moved to the United States, he completed board certification by passing highly challenging and progressive practical and theoretical exams in the field of medicine.

In the 1980s, Dr. Saad Saad was appointed as the chief pediatric surgeon for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. One of the reasons behind it is that at the time, Dr. Saad Saad was the only pediatric surgeon who could fluently speak Persian as well as English.

Dr. Saad Saad feels that in the healthcare industry, there is no room for discrimination. He learned from his mentors that everyone should be given the same treatment irrespective of their background.

Another important thing that he believes in is that the healthcare industry around the world needs a change. The government should govern it and made it accessible to all people. In many countries, the cost of healthcare is so high that not everyone can get the treatment they are looking for. Read more about his surgeries: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Even the insurance companies are unregulated, and often their premiums are too high for everyone to afford. Thus, one of the changes he wishes to bring is to provide health care to those in need and does not have the money for it. Dr. Saad Saad is an inspiration for young medical professionals out there.

He advises people who want to make it big in the industry, to not just want to make money, but also to return to society by helping those who cannot afford treatments.

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FlavioMalux :Expanding Eucatex Each Day

FlavioMaluf has lived the life any professional would wish to have. Many years ago, the businessman was born in a very wealthy family that had ventured heavily into business and politics. The father of Flavio Maluf has been in the political scene for decades, and he remains to be one of the strong pillars of the Brazilian politics. The politician has made so much wealth through his businesses, and he has taught his sons who to work hard so that they can stand on their own. Flavio Maluf has never been the type to depend on his able father for support in his career. It is evident that the businessman has traditionally acquired what he has at the moment. His life story tells of a very hard working professional who studies in the university and finally graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from a popular university. When his father saw that his son was very hard working, he appointed him to be in charge of the large business emperor he had spent decades building. Many years later, the Maluf family business is thriving under the management of Flavio. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Today, Flavio Maluf is the name that is associated with the successful company that is known as Eucatex. The businessman has become a role model, and he always insists that before a professional can join the business world, they should exercise some caution. There are many people who have failed because they felt that having a business is only a way of working for a few hours in a day and earning more that the people who are employed. This myth, according to Flavio Maluf, has led to the fall of many professional. The Eucatex manager knows that for a business to excel, especially in the recent years, it has to be well managed by the leaders. Everyone has to dedicate their time and so much resources for the business to be established in the market. Most of the skills that are showcased by the businessman have been acquired when serving in his family business.



Dr.Shafik Sachedina Surprise Sussex Community Again

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is one of the most renowned dental surgeons in London. , Shakif has raised the African flag abroad due to his exceptional work that has touched the lives of the community there. His skills saw him secure a position in the most prestigious health care company- Sussex Health Care Company- where he is chairman.

Shafik Sachedina’s work at Sussex has resulted in the vast growth of the company, where it has several branches in south England. He has introduced a gym for the old and the disabled in each facility. This has made it possible for the aged, disabled and those with partial mental problems to come and work out. For more update connect with Shafik Sachedina on Twitter

The gym is equipped with modern equipment which caters for both male and female fitness needs. Besides the gym equipment’s, it has a swimming pool that boasts of hot water, which relaxes the muscles of its users with every stroke that they make.

Dr.Shafik Sachedina has ensured that his staffs, both at the health center and the gym are highly trained. Unlike in other facilities where a person checks in, trains and leaves, here they first monitor the health of the clients, then go ahead and specify what is best for each client and train them within their abilities.

The trainees at these fitness centers also offer programs to improve mobility for those clients that have such problems. They do so by checking the extent to which the problem has gone to go ahead then and recommend the best exercise. For instance, most arthritis patients are taught how to swim in the hot bath swimming pool where their painful muscles and joints are relaxed.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina ensures that he meets with his staff from time to time to listen to their views concerning the health facilities. The team is encouraged to prioritize their clients, whom they serve every day. This has resulted in the improvement of the staff’s morale, who gives their best in their work. Shafik Sachedina has gone further and introduced activities such as gardening, crafting and many others in the facilities, where clients do what they love most. Due to its outstanding services, Sussex healthcare center has become the most recommended health care center in Sussex.

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Isabel dos Santos on Africa’s Digital Future

Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos has the distinction of being Africa’s first female billionaire. Over the last twenty years, dos Santos, the daughter of former Angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has built up an impressive portfolio across a number of industries. After studying engineering at prestigious King’s College London, dos Santos returned to her native country to begin her career as a project manager. She has a keen interest in urban development, which she sees as key to sustainable growth in Africa. Although she has made forays into industries as diverse as entertainment and logistics, she is well known for her telecommunication ventures in Portugal, Angola, and other Portuguese speaking nations in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos formed Unitel as a joint venture with Portugal Telecom. In addition, the telecom mogul owns Cape Verde provider T+ and formed a new mobile company operating in Sao Tome and Principe. Dos Santos also has an interest in television provider ZAP, which broadcasts content from Forbes in Portuguese-speaking Africa. She hopes that her ventures will help create jobs beyond Angola in other African nations.

Isabel dos Santos is optimistic about the future of Africa’s media companies, and sees digital content as a job creator for Africa. At a summit held at the European Parliament in Brussels, the entrepreneur argued that learning how to harness the power of digital media is one of major challenges facing the continent. She added that in order for Africa to grow in this area, it needs to answer tough questions about job growth, foreign and domestic investment, and legal infrastructure. Dos Santos also sees great potential when it comes to agricultural technology and banking. Isabel dos Santos believes there is a revolution around the corner in how Africans pay for their goods along the lines of how new digital payment technology has taken off in Asia.

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Overview of the Digital Wallet

Digital wallets create a single convenient place for cash as well as credit, debit and loyalty cards. They promote security and empower users to replace many card and papers with a single mobile device. These psi pay vary based on different consumer practices.

Many people can hold different currencies including pounds and Euros. They can link debit cards on these wallets and withdraw money from ATMs. The EcoPayz VIP is the best European-style wallet service. Users can sign up for free, deposit some cash and start making purchases. Its users receive many benefits at little costs.

The rise of the PSIPAY

This company has provided payment solutions to businesses globally since 2007. It is a Fintech Company that is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. They are critical players in the world of banking. It provides services to both local and international markets and has noted increasing business volume and continues to grow. PSI PAY has been authorized to supply businesses with pre-paid cards by the MasterCard. Since it introduced modern payment solutions, PSIPAY has been rapidly increasing. The company is a principal member of Visa and supports Visa Card programmes.

Solutions of the PSIPAY Company

The main aim of the company is to empower its partners to better what they do. It majors in managing activities that involve Card Schemes. They can offer many levels of support based on the regulatory standard of the partner. It provides quality services since people do not have to carry vast amounts of cash to make transactions. It offers e-payments and contactless payments solutions within markets.

The psi pay company has partnered with the Western Union, and this has brought about many benefits. Clients do not have limitations on transactions as it was there before. By creating policies, the psipay company can create fairgrounds for all its clients. It formulates flexible policies which allow the company to adapt to an ever-changing business world quickly. The company seeks interpretation in case of any section of the control is unclear.

For the years it has been in operation the company has been able to manage different clients’ payment cards plans appropriately.


Financial Investment Genius: Igor Cornelsen

In the current world financial systems many individuals are turning to passive income as one of the primary ways to make investments. These types of income carry a potential to make an individual wealthy as well as create income that can sustain successive generations to come. Passive income generates more money and requires little effort. It includes investing in a variety of fields such as stocks, bonds, businesses and real-estate. Igor Cornelsen is one of the success stories as a financial investor specializing in the stock market. For a span of four decades, Mr. Cornelsen has assisted many individuals and corporations gain financial wealth through the Brazilian market and other similar markets.

Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil, Mr. Cornelsen was born on October 4th. 1947. He initially studied engineering courses the Federal University of Parana which at that time was the only school located in Santa Catarina. Two years into his study, Igor Cornelsen changed his focus from engineering to economics since he was more interested in numbers and statistics. After graduating from the university in 1970, Mr. Cornelsen got employed at an investment bank in Rio, Multibanco. Since computes were not yet being used extensively, Igor had an edge due to his ability in practical skills in calculating compound interest rates using slide rules.

His continued success at the investment bank led him to being named the best investment banker in 1974 and later that year, Igor was promoted as one of the company’s board of directors. In 1976, Mr. Cornelsen was appointed as the C.E.O of the company until two years later when the Bank of America acquired Multibanco. After the acquisition, Igor decided to leave Multibanco and joined another Brazilian investment firm Unibanco until 1985. Following his departure from Unibanco, Igor Cornelsen worked at the London Merchant Bank, later rebranded Libra Bank PLC, as an investment advisor which led to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank offering him a position as one of the board of directors in the company.

Mr . Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investment Inc. based in Bahamas where he works till today. The company identifies investment opportunities and develops long-term investment strategies. Through the company, Mr. Cornelsen offers his vast experience and knowledge to potential investors.